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Ambiwlans t1_ivy8ln3 wrote

You fundamentally don't understand the tech you're talking about.

Fear and surprise doesn't make faster reactions, it makes worse ones. Imagine sdcs are people driving where time is slowed down 100 fold. Their reaction speed is that much better. Reaction speed to a sudden object for a person is 750ms ... a sdc is maybe 20ms. It isn't close.

And yes, when snow covers lane markings, humans stop using them. They also drive to avoid deep snow and ploughed snow. This is very erratic behavior that needs to be learned. Vision isn't the issue. With some radar types and quality maps, a sdc could see like it was a clear summer day during whiteout conditions.... but other drivers would appear to have gone insane.


Cdn_citizen t1_ivytwxs wrote

I don’t have to understand the tech. I’m testing it every day with real life scenarios. It’s not anywhere near ready.

You are so sold on your beliefs you’re not looking at reality. Have you not noticed all the car ads stop pushing self driving and more towards driver assistance this year?

There’s a reason.

P.S, You can downvote me all you want but that does not change the facts.