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genshiryoku t1_iwb2afh wrote

This is misinformation spread by conspiracy theorists. All seeds sold on the open market are already intellectual property. Farmers don't collect seed manually to re-grow a crop because that isn't cost effective.

Monsanto engineered the crop on purpose to not produce seeds because it would save the farmers time and money. I should also note that monsanto seeds are more cost effective than alternatives because you can save a lot of money by not having to spray as much pesticides and use less fertilizer. Saving a lot in terms of both labor and resources. It's also better for the environment.


fallingcats_net t1_iwbkt8m wrote

Know why it isn't cost effective? Because they get sued.


[deleted] t1_iwbqai8 wrote

And because planting seeds from a hybrid gives wildly varying results, which you can't market.


Stjaertlapp t1_iwbg8lq wrote

They do around the world, but buying seeds allows farmrs to pick and choose varieties, they dont need seed handling machines and dont need silos to keep the seeds . In many places they are self maintained and do the whole process.