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[deleted] t1_iwc9wwn wrote

You think people in Europe make food for free or what?


atjones111 t1_iwda8pt wrote

No my point is that Americans eat food in which we have no idea what’s in it and it’s made to cheaply and unhealthily to turn a huge profit, like when Michelle Obama changed school lunches to save money, it became inedible and unhealthy, and if these foods weren’t created with the mindset of squeezing the profits they’d be much better


[deleted] t1_iwdonxe wrote

Oh yea…I think we’re trending that way now. Lots of us stopped buying a lot of that shit and are now forking out a lot of extra on “organic” shit / stuff with out a billion ingredients in it.

I joke that A hobo in the 1890s was eating way CLEANER food than any of us haha