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AmiAlter t1_iwibez6 wrote

Right but of the battery is 70% then you are actually only getting 70% of 20% not even including the wasted power that the user has. Every step is a chance for more and more to be lost so we want to minimize that loss as much as possible.


drgrieve t1_iwid6ks wrote

Just to be contraion, but when the spot price of electricity is negative (which happens often in Australia) it actually pays to be inefficient.


AmiAlter t1_iwido3s wrote

Wait they pay you to waste electricity in Australia sometimes?


drgrieve t1_iwjvhdv wrote

Yes. The coal plants fight wind and solar for the right to not turn off and make it up for when the sun goes down. However they can't pay rooftop to turn off, so they are month by month losing the war. In Aus we install 200MW every month of rooftop. If everyone had rooftop as cheap as us they could do the same.