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izybit t1_iwixsqn wrote

Is this a joke or something? Humanity literally cannot exist without mining "metals".

You can move mining to space but that doesn't change the need for them.


space_raccoon_ t1_iwizrv6 wrote

Humanity literally can exist without mining, and did for a very long time. Mining is horrible for the environment, not that you care


izybit t1_iwjcebx wrote

Humanity's history is literally defined by the metals we could mine and use.

Before metals we were, very literally, banging stones together.


Angustony t1_iwmm3og wrote

So it turned out to be a good idea to move on from the stone age? It didn't stop us using stone completely, but it did allow us to progress.

Same thing going on here.


striderwhite t1_iwjerdt wrote

Everything is bad for the environment, even reddit, but here you are..


[deleted] t1_iwr5rbr wrote

about the dumbest shit i've ever read. thanks for the laugh


Mrogoth_bauglir t1_ix2fl71 wrote

Yes we can exist without mining. Hope you're willing to give up every comfort, amenity and convenience you have. You want us to live like cavemen without any material and scrounging just to stay alive, no thanks mate.