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Loki-L OP t1_iwklsw7 wrote

This is a minor player in the market. An obscure electric super car that most people can't afford and that only gets produced in very low numbers.

However this and other EVs along similar lines show that the prejudiced of EVs being small slow toys is slowly crumbling away.


Working_Sundae t1_iwl22f9 wrote

They are no longer obscure, they are designing the next Bugatti.


Rogermcfarley t1_iwkw18r wrote

Still a long way to go before mass adoption. I don't see the value in EVs yet apart from the driving experience and possible form savings cost (only if you can charge at home). Great if you can charge at home. The cheapest EV in the UK is the MG5 at £25995. That's just way too much for many people to afford. Used prices are still very high. Battery tech and charging are getting better. The infrastructure is still poor.