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Black_RL t1_iwrenon wrote

And making batteries is all good….. Right?

No harm to the environment, right?

Batteries are terrible.


bremidon t1_iwu17mq wrote

Come on; batteries are not terrible.

Prices are coming down and have been for decades.

The heavy and rare earths being used per battery are being reduced all the time.

Recycling is already ready to go.

They fucking work. And they work now.

And sure, there is a cost to the environment. Just like hydrogen has. Just like coal has. Just like oil has. Just like you have.


CannaCosmonaut t1_iwrh3ix wrote

Would you have such a strong opinion about batteries if Twitter man =/= bad?


mischievement t1_iwrml8w wrote

Nobody even MENTIONED elon for crying out loud


CannaCosmonaut t1_iwrnl9l wrote

What are batteries generally associated with in this context? OC can choose to identify with who I was teasing, or not. Because beyond that, it was a genuine question.


iceyed913 t1_iwruxtt wrote

Snarky =/= genuine... Also stereotyping into camps as a way of discrediting the other opinion is probably the most flawed kind of rethoric out there. Unfortunately people online seem to love that shit.