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Livid-Ad4102 t1_iwwmyyb wrote

He's saying that humans do the same thing and give nonsense answers and can't just say they don't understand


YourGenerational t1_iwxcd23 wrote

That might be social training? I wonder whether the propensity to make up answers rather than admit a lack of knowledge or understanding has any cultural biases?


swingInSwingOut t1_iwxsxyo wrote

It is a human trait. We try to make sense of the world using the limited data we have (see religion and astrology). It is easy to see patterns where none exist. Apparently Meta created a pretty good analog for a human 😂. We also are not good judges of truth or fiction as the pandemic has illuminated.


Thebadwolf47 t1_iwwn0g3 wrote

intuition and inherited memory is training data, from all your ancestors that persisted to you through their DNA dictating the basic formation of your brain. just like some animals can walk or eat right after being born. it's not that they haven't had training data, it's just that this training data has been coded in their DNA


__System__ t1_iwwxiba wrote

Not just coded. Nucleic acid performs computation itself and does not merely contain instructions.


artificial_scarcity t1_iwwtgwz wrote

People make up answers for things they don't fully understand all the time, and certainly aren't able to admit they're wrong when they do it. See the world's various religions for hundreds of examples.


nickstatus t1_iwwvex8 wrote

Eh, without first developing language and reason, there is no intuition. That comes with experience. Which is the human equivalent of training data. No human knowledge is a priori. People like to shit on philosophers, but they've been working on this one for centuries.


astrange t1_iwyimtj wrote

Humans do have some instinctive knowledge. The instinctive fear of snakes and spiders, sexual attraction, etc, all rely on recognizing sense data without learning anything first.


CaseyTS t1_iwwy5e6 wrote

That is part of our training set for decision making. It comes from instinct and influences our decisions based on the past development of our heredity.