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uhhNo t1_iwx5ns0 wrote

> Intelligence does not do that. Intelligence knows enough to not give any answer, that it doesn't know the answer, or is able to reason the answer in the absence of all training data.

The human brain confabulates. It will make up a story to explain what's happening and then think that story is real.


Sentsuizan t1_iwyoq6x wrote

Sure, our brains do this all the time. It's one reason why I witness testimony is not that reliable. However, we know and acknowledge this as a human limitation.and compensate in other ways. Yet when it comes to AI it seems like people are treating it like a magic wand. AI never doubts or second guesses - it doesn't fact check whether 2+2=fish before saying so


Natty-Bones t1_iwz1bkz wrote

Eye witness. As in, they saw the thing happen.


Sentsuizan t1_iwz1gxt wrote

It's not my fault that Google text to speech sucks at homophones


Mesmerise t1_iwzygf3 wrote

Nice try, Google text-to-speech developer.


Sentsuizan t1_iwzyk87 wrote

If I were making Google money I sure wouldn't be on Reddit in my underwear.

I'd be naked.


[deleted] t1_iwyhya6 wrote



RamseySparrow t1_iwymemd wrote

Taking that path will always return a false negative though - there simply aren’t enough language-loop subroutines for protologarithmy to emerge. No amount of direct lines to the pentametric fan will solve this, hydrocoptic or otherwise.