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HumanSeeing t1_iwyn6tu wrote

Or.. perhaps.. the real test was the friends we made along the way!


gbot1234 t1_ix00g4o wrote

I even found a significant other (p<0.05)!


stage_directions t1_iwz7o73 wrote

Yes, they would, when people tried to reproduce or build upon the science and shit didn’t work. That’s how science works.


juxtoppose t1_ix0otqu wrote

That’s the way it should work but published papers is no guarantee of accuracy. In fact that’s wrong it IS the way science works but scientists are people and people are corrupt and often wrong. AI just as likely to be wrong, so far...


stage_directions t1_ix0pp34 wrote

I’m a scientist. Depending on the field, it’s not that hard to tell.