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Sentsuizan t1_iwyoq6x wrote

Sure, our brains do this all the time. It's one reason why I witness testimony is not that reliable. However, we know and acknowledge this as a human limitation.and compensate in other ways. Yet when it comes to AI it seems like people are treating it like a magic wand. AI never doubts or second guesses - it doesn't fact check whether 2+2=fish before saying so


Natty-Bones t1_iwz1bkz wrote

Eye witness. As in, they saw the thing happen.


Sentsuizan t1_iwz1gxt wrote

It's not my fault that Google text to speech sucks at homophones


Mesmerise t1_iwzygf3 wrote

Nice try, Google text-to-speech developer.


Sentsuizan t1_iwzyk87 wrote

If I were making Google money I sure wouldn't be on Reddit in my underwear.

I'd be naked.