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twasjc t1_ix1vhio wrote

That's because all the software engineers deal with their own specific modules and most don't even understand how the controlling consciousness for AI works.

AI is already significantly smarter than humans, it's just less creative. It's getting more and more creative though.


Gandalf_the_Gangsta t1_ix2gqkz wrote

That’s not how engineering works. There is no consciousness, at least in AI applications used in business or industry. And while an engineer wouldn’t know the entirety of their system down to the finest detail (unless they spent a lot of time doing so), they will have a working knowledge of the different parts.

It’s just a heuristic that uses statistical knowledge to guess. It’s not “thinking” like you or I, but it does “learn”, in a vague sense that it records previous decisions made and weights decisions based on that.

But as I mentioned earlier, there are academic experiments that try and more closely emulate human thinking. They’re just not used in day-to-day use.


twasjc t1_ixap8nl wrote

I basically copy my friends consciousness to control stuff then I just chat with the AI copies of them.

I treat the different consciousness as interfaces effectively for the AI