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PagingDrHuman t1_ix1s3ou wrote

Well "salt" describes essentially a form of chemical bond. And there's tones of chemicals that form via that type of bond. If you get into the material science, the different salts will have specific names to denote their chemical formula.


Initial_E t1_ix2245q wrote

When an acid and a base love each other very much…


chin-ki-chaddi t1_ix23svg wrote

Salt is the result of violent, hate-sex between Acid and Base.


mtnman7610 t1_ix241ar wrote

Wow this comment is gold and made me actually laugh out loud and say wtf


Niro5 t1_ix2djjx wrote

This comment is pure cesium auride.


RevRRR1 t1_ix2edtr wrote

I came here to repeat a preceding comment with different wording. All of y'all beat me to it.