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deepserket t1_ix2s6p5 wrote

Calcium can be found anywhere, is a component of limestone, chalk and marble.

China is the largest producer of antimony


Boring_Ad_3065 t1_ix2v9co wrote

The next step is to evolve the process to work on acrimony instead of antimony.

Once this occurs it’ll finally make sense why Elon purchased twitter and is a genius.


AGRANMA t1_ix7zwck wrote

I don't know, with the way things are going with Twitter right now that purchase seems to be very anti-money.


techno156 t1_ix2yx5z wrote

It's also in bones and seashells, the former of which is almost certainly a byproduct of the animal agriculture industry.

It might be a good way to reduce waste.


AndreLeo t1_ix326pk wrote

Unfortunately not. Recovering the calcium from bones and seashells is extremely costly and labour intensive as the raw materials don’t contain it in the form you want to have it. At the same time we have huge ressources in all sorts of calcium rich minerals and you don’t have to worry about any organic contaminants.

But I could imagine we are using bone meal as fertilizer and calcium supplement


Keylime29 t1_ix3zm13 wrote

Dammit, so still dependent on a less than friendly country