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genericdude999 OP t1_ix86xlf wrote

My poor son or daughter, born on an embyro ship and doomed to live out their life in the steaming sulfur caves of Trappist-1d.

On a positive note, they brought a bunch of iPhone 1000s with them, so the social media scene on the ship is lit!


josefx t1_ix8nfh0 wrote

You think so, but in reality neither Apples nor LetsEncrypt servers are reachable from Trappist-1d and all https certificates expired within months from takeoff. Future generations will forever wonder how advanced we must have been if even otherwise useless flashlights ended up that complex.


TheW83 t1_ixcfmu8 wrote

They have their own social media intranet


kaminaowner2 t1_ixge4lm wrote

Humans have lived through worse lol they’ll get over it.