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OJezu t1_iycxxff wrote

>The motors and batteries are built into the wheels, instead of having one giant battery pack sitting under the floor of the EV. This helps spread the weight around the car to ensure stability.

How to tell me you know nothing about vehicle dynamics without saying you know nothing about vehicle dynamics.

Putting batteries in wheels does nothing for stability, except thrashing suspension response due to unsprung weight.


Maltaltin t1_iyd1hr2 wrote

This is incorrect the batteries are in the main part of the Aptera, only the motors are in the wheels.


cartoonzi OP t1_iydg106 wrote

Yep I looked at their website and it seems like only the motors are in the wheels and it just has a regular battery pack. Seems like a mistake by the author.


patryuji t1_iyd2mg0 wrote

The joker who wrote the article clearly doesn't know what they are talking about. First, they [Aptera] don't have the battery pack in the wheels, it is in the center of the vehicle under the cargo area and second, exactly what you said about vehicle dynamics relating to unsprung weight and its effects on stability.


graybuilder t1_iyd0w7s wrote

Can't imagine having them rotate and be exposed to more vibrations is great for the battery packs either.