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gogomom t1_ixe8j5z wrote

Domino's is going to provide cars to drivers?????? This is the real headline.


NickDanger3di t1_ixfjz7n wrote

They didn't say Domino's was paying for them. Would not be surprised to learn the delivery drivers have to pay to use the EVs they drive.


whitefoot t1_ixibxle wrote

Well. Let's not get too excited. It's 800 cars but they have over 6000 locations.


NightLexic t1_ixea92p wrote

Domino's always had a fleet of cars for their delivery drivers.


gogomom t1_ixehc83 wrote

Hahahahaha... OK.

My husband worked for them delivering pizzas in 1998 - no dominoes cars anywhere to be seen. One of the plazas I do work for as a maintenance company has a Dominoes - all the delivery drivers are driving personal cars - we talked about it because of their parking situation.....

Maybe in some big city in the USA they have cars, but here, in Ontario Canada (there are 13 Dominoes stores within the city limits) - I've never seen a Dominoes branded car - ever.


NightLexic t1_ixeqe44 wrote

Well maybe it's different from region to region but from what I have seen in Calgary there is a fleet of dominoes cars


Suikeina t1_ixfewsi wrote

From someone who currently works at a Domino's... it's very possible that any company cars in your area are unbranded.

Until recently, my store's company car was a Chevy Spark. Completely unbranded, you'd never know it belonged to the company and not someone who worked there. Now we have a new Mazda DXP (I think its a mazda3 or 6) with Domino's branding all over it.