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erverogym t1_ixgbf5k wrote

“The Deliverator is proud to wear the uniform, proud to drive the car, proud to march up the front walks of innumerable Burbclave homes, a grim vision in ninja black, a pizza on his shoulder.” -NTS


FavoritesBot t1_ixgcrqq wrote

> The pizza box is a plastic carapace now, corrugated for stiffness, a little LED readout glowing on the side, telling the Deliverator how many trade imbalance-producing minutes have ticked away since the fateful phone call. There are chips and stuff in there. The pizzas rest, a short stack of them, in slots behind the Deliverator's head. Each pizza glides into a slot like a circuit board into a computer, clicks into place as the smart box interfaces with the onboard system of the Deliverator's car. The address of the caller has already been inferred from his phone number and poured into the smart box's built-in RAM. From there it is communicated to the car, which computes and projects the optimal route on a heads-up display, a glowing colored map traced out against the windshield so that the Deliverator does not even have to glance down.


willnxt t1_ixh5yyl wrote

I came here for this and was not disappointed.


Ombwah t1_ixjehqa wrote

I am *so* pleased that this is the top comment.
Came here to make this reference.


Kenbishi t1_ixg2ssp wrote

I’m amazed that any Pizza Hut restaurants are doing enough business to warrant purchasing a dedicated delivery vehicle.


panstuckyo t1_ixg8ucb wrote

Yeah, they are only the biggest pizza chain on the planet. Totally amazing they could afford this…


duderguy91 t1_ixgec7t wrote

That is baffling to me. I haven’t had Pizza Hut since I was a kid. My unrefined palate back then could still taste the 7 quarts of month old oil dripping off of the crust lol.


panstuckyo t1_ixgf81t wrote

Dude, it’s just dough, pizza sauce, and some cheese. Its okay. It’s not the blueprints to a nuclear submarine.


duderguy91 t1_ixgfbot wrote

I mean there’s bad pizza and good pizza. It baffles me that bad pizza is the foundation of the “biggest pizza chain on the planet.” Not exactly groundbreaking to be surprised by that lol.


turtleman777 t1_ixgttxf wrote

You seem very easily baffled. Prepare to have your mind blown: The biggest burger chain on the planet also serves "bad burgers". Same for every single other type of food.

You don't get to be a multinational corporation making billions a year by making high quality food that no one can afford. You do it by selling a billion cheap meals. Quantity over quality


Theboomman t1_ixgykqe wrote

Just like how bud light is super popular yet one of the worst ones out there.


[deleted] t1_ixgg9hd wrote



duderguy91 t1_ixggfq6 wrote

Fair point, just was never a popular option in my area and is largely irrelevant where I’m from. Never knew it was the second biggest pizza chain until today.

Genuinely do find it disgusting but also poking fun.


ReconstructedPickle t1_ixgii3v wrote

Pizza Hut is just meh to me, granted its been over five years since I’ve had it. You know what chain has always been awful though? Dominos.


duderguy91 t1_ixgj5jj wrote

Yeah if I’m getting cheap pizza I’ll just get Little Caesar’s since it all tastes similar. If I’m getting decent pizza I’ll just get the local place down the road. Nice little family restaurant that makes a really good pizza.


ReconstructedPickle t1_ixgkqtg wrote

Oh lord I haven’t had little Caesar’s in ages… The mere thought of their pizza is enough to give me acid reflux lol.

100% man, any local food joint is better than a chain.


duderguy91 t1_ixgkt0t wrote

Same lol, but at least the pain only costs $5 lol!


CeleryCool24 t1_ixgj2j9 wrote

You’ve just been conditioned to think it’s bad. It’s ok, a lot of people fall for it


GoldenCelestial t1_ixgmmub wrote

The only one conditioning me to think it's pizza hut...because it's D tier garbage pizza.


duderguy91 t1_ixgj8jb wrote

Or it was just horrendous pizza when I had it last lol. It’s always been notoriously greasy. Like they deep fried the crust.


Mizonel t1_ixh7ooc wrote

Greasy food in the land of the fat people. How's that hard to believe.


Scro86 t1_ixhxlwy wrote

Was it pizza by Alfredo or Alfredo’s pizza kitchen?


gimme20regular_cash t1_ixhz9hj wrote

I see the downvotes but I hear you. For me, living in an area of the US known for good real pizza, these big pizza chains notoriously don’t do great. I do know that this is NOT the case in parts of the country where good pizza isn’t a thing


duderguy91 t1_ixhzpxy wrote

What’s funny is I live in a pretty lame area. I don’t like in NYC or anything lol. Apparently Pizza Hut is a very touchy subject for people.


gimme20regular_cash t1_ixi6njl wrote

NJ/NYC metro area here. I find people order from these big chains mostly out of convenience (late at night or they had a coupon to use up). Otherwise the mom and pop joints dominate the area. I only realized the big chains are popular when I left the area


TypicalJeepDriver t1_ixgjshe wrote

I feel like me and all my friends used to ONLY get Pizza Hut and now I can’t think of the last time I saw anyone eat it. Something about their crust gives me heartburn and it’s only theirs.


cheeztoshobo t1_ixgl3bs wrote

I used to love the crust as a kid. To be fair, I always liked greasy food. Not so much now when there's better pizza.

Though I think Pizza Hut did their buy one get one pizza that got people hooked on their franchise, that could be why they used to sell tons.


duderguy91 t1_ixgjy9s wrote

I had a buddy that was a delivery driver for them when I was in college. He would bring home those circles of slop and I could just SMELL the grease lol. Never needed to taste it again to remember what I tasted years before.


SuddenSeasons t1_ixhgdmy wrote

My best friends roommate worked there and when she'd come home at 1230am with leftovers and we were drinking since 730 we did not care. Truly an incredible arrangement.


godwalking t1_ixibas5 wrote

canadian here, so mileage may vary.


Last time i had pizza hut was on my birthday, i believe 19th. could be 18th, not sure. It cost like 70$, and we got a medium pizza, 10 ish chicken wings and a VERY small serving of fries.

That was almost 15 years ago. I could order the same meal for cheaper today still, from most places. u/salvidrim still think you wasted your cash on that.


Salvidrim t1_ixicuyn wrote

I don't remember ever getting wings and fries from PH, so I'll trust your memory on that, however that 70$ price tag sounds insane, I'm not sure that's really accurate lol. But it's true that back then I wasted my cash on kind of anything, I didn't know any better about anything after never having to purchase anything for myself, and it's all such a dark blur that I don't remember enjoying... well, anything tbh.

At my previous apartment there was no PH in range so my pizza needs had to be fulfilled by Domino's, but ever since a Pizza Hut opened near to me in late 2019 I have literally ordered over a hundred times. Not a single month goes by without an order, and sometimes up to twice a week. Meat Lover's Stuffed Crust is absolute top-tier, and usually 40$ or lower for two pizzas, with BOGO or 5$-5$-5$ deals (on top of reward freebies).


godwalking t1_ixii9rb wrote

We got wings because it was my birthday and that's what i wanted. you threw money around.

But the pizza had cheese crust and you put like 2 extras on it, and i think you ordered a 2l of coke, which by itself was like 5$ instead of walking to the literal kitchen in my house to get a coke there.

The insanity scared me.


Salvidrim t1_ixij66u wrote

Yeah that all sounds totally accurate tbh. I look back on these dark monthy at 18yo where I just blew through thousands of dollars of inheritance by spending on basically nothing of value, until a few months later I had to get onto welfare assistance. :(

Now at least I spend on restaurants because I can afford it, I've never been this financially comfortable. I just dropped a K on a PS5 and it barely creased my budget whatsoever.


Vannilazero t1_ixhp6po wrote

Don’t know why your being downvoted, all massive chain pizza places are greasy and in my opinion not a good representation of pizza in general.


duderguy91 t1_ixhzjm9 wrote

Apparently Pizza Hut is a a very touchy subject for people lol.


MapleSyrupFacts t1_ixo01mv wrote

I kind of want pizza now after all this. Now to decide how greasy I want it.

This was a great ad.


duderguy91 t1_ixooipl wrote

Acquire that pizza friend.

Also hit me with a MapleSyrupFact on the way out.


MapleSyrupFacts t1_ixordaz wrote

Democracy as we know it was invented by the same native indians that invented maple syrup around the Montreal area 1000yrs ago


duderguy91 t1_ixot532 wrote

Much appreciated. God speed and happy thanksgiving!


sitnlisten t1_ixhc9sf wrote

1 person hasn’t eaten Pizza Hut since they were a child. Causes global company collapse. More at 7.


IdeaFuzzy t1_ixg692q wrote

We were always too poor to get fancy Pizza Hut stuffed crust when I was a kid. My husband and I tried it a few months ago and Ho Lee shit it is amazing. Get it with extra sauce and well done. It’s only like $15 too


HongoMushroomMan t1_ixg8klb wrote

Do you live somewhere that doesn’t have real pizza places?


IdeaFuzzy t1_ixg9wc6 wrote

Nope. That’s the surprising part. Sometimes you just want stuffed crust and they do it best. They are made fresher than their other pizzas apparently. Anyway I hope you try it lol


cspruce89 t1_ixi7o4g wrote

Enjoying and even preferring "higher quality za" doesn't preclude you from having a hankering for the chain pies.

Just like I love stouts, and sours, and IPAs, I still like the beers they run commercials and product placements for.

Chtist, it's all peasant food anyway, the fuck we need to get high and mighty about it?


Nymets3 t1_ixge27h wrote

Wait, one pizza from Pizza Hut costs $15?


IdeaFuzzy t1_ixge9le wrote

$13.99 for a large stuffed crust for me. We add olives so it’s like $15


Zkootz t1_ixgwpk4 wrote

Fuel savings are making it worthwhile, compared to any other fuel burning vehicle these electric ones are most efficient and cheaper.


orangutanoz t1_ixgrnos wrote

On a family holiday in Lake Tahoe 8years ago I had Pizza Hut because my brother was too cheap to go in on the much more expensive pizza joint and it wasn’t bad. Maybe they had gotten better or I had become too used to pizza in Australia which for the most part sucks ass.


WilliamMorris420 t1_ixi0inl wrote

Coming to a Deliveroo driver near you soon.


Kenbishi t1_ixkpoq9 wrote

Not near me. Electric vehicles do poorly in the local temperatures, and they definitely wouldn’t do well in the snow.


Brainlessdad OP t1_ixfy2oo wrote

The largest Pizza Hut franchisee in California, American West Restaurant Group, announced it will partner with ElectraMeccanica to buy a fleet of Solo Cargo delivery vehicles for its restaurants—and add a warm cargo box to keep your pizza toasty in transit. 


poppinfresco t1_ixgd7ud wrote

How’s the uhhh, crash tests on those?


AntalRyder t1_ixgk9p5 wrote

Better than on a moped or bicycle. It'd be cool to commute in one of these.


mog_knight t1_ixhvapd wrote

But how about compared to a regular sedan and non lifted pickup?


Ok_Performance_2370 t1_ixihzr6 wrote

What about the prices mr business man


Ambiwlans t1_ixkouan wrote

Probably cheaper. Most pizza places don't use dedicated delivery vehicles. The only saving here would be gas.


mog_knight t1_ixii5pu wrote

Does pricing change crash test performance?


Ok_Performance_2370 t1_ixiimjc wrote

Yes considering the above comment is literally common sense it’d be safer than a bike, but still cheaper than a full blown car


G_Affect t1_ixggd6r wrote

That's what i was thinking... way to underpay and kill your drivers


poppinfresco t1_ixk0822 wrote

Weird, they only mention how good it did in side crush test and fail to mention literally any other test. Other than “it passed” I’m assuming it did not pass by much of a margin in any other category


CrumBum_sr t1_ixh12bt wrote

Building up partnerships for the franchise wars


TulkuHere t1_ixhxv2x wrote

Whats the benefit? Cant split traffic…


Loeden t1_ixgjvlf wrote

Inviting drivers to race your delivery drivers, how can it possibly go wrong?

I imagine these would handle like those ryker/can-am/spyders?


Hampsterman82 t1_ixhs6y4 wrote

That's what history says. Several 3 wheelers have come and gone proclaiming they're stable as normal 4 wheel cars and shown to be not.


sirmoveon t1_ixi4t8i wrote

What's funny is that it doesn't seem to be more payload-space convenient or cheaper (priced at US$18.5k).


GiraffeOnABicycle t1_ixgt7lk wrote

I hope for the drivers sake that they remove that "race me to the hut" decal because douchebags are going to interpret that literally and try to race the drivers. Every other red light there'll be some dude revving his engine going "hur hur c'mon then, let's race!!!"


PhasmaFelis t1_ixhxpp9 wrote

I like the idea, but is there any benefit to using three wheels instead of four? Trikes aren't the most stable, and I'm reading that the Solo doesn't even have an airbag.


isnt_rocket_science t1_ixi3gel wrote

Not necessarily what you'd probably call a benefit, but a big reason you see a lot of small companies like this, and arcimoto, and the old reliant robin only having three wheels is that they aren't legally considered cars, so they don't have to meet the same crash regulations, and there can be tax/registration advantages. That's why the Solo can even be sold without an airbag.

The advantage, from the buyers standpoint, is just lower cost. In addition to the reduced cash safety requirements three wheels just saves some money on and additional wheel/tire/suspension and potentially drivetrain components. Potentially you get some improvement in fuel economy as well.


WOTEugene t1_ixj0vsh wrote

Also lower rolling resistance, so better mileage.


AntiLudditeRCMagoo t1_ixh3e62 wrote

Snow Crash here we come. Bring us the Deliverator!

(Book by Neal Stephenson)


life-cosmic-game t1_ixjw6w2 wrote

The first thing I thought when I saw this!!! Haha I was like wait.. all that's needed is a katana holder


GoldenCelestial t1_ixgms0w wrote

Atleast you can eat a slice of D tier pizza when you're crushed in between an SUV and a building waiting to bleed out.


hawkwings t1_ixhc8p0 wrote

Aren't 3-wheeled vehicles kind of dangerous? Low-income drivers might be a bit dangerous.


Evolved_Deadchu t1_ixhe510 wrote

Yeah 3 wheelers aren't the best.


Vannilazero t1_ixhqbhh wrote

That is the old 3 wheelers, they are a lot more stable with 2 wheels in the front, it can’t turn itself into a roll on the slightest turn.


TheModeratorWrangler t1_ixjofie wrote

Not sure why downvoted, this will most likely snap oversteer long before it even reaches tipping point


METL_2 t1_ixhiaor wrote

In before the news articles stating that they’re flipping over going in reverse because it’s just a backwards Reliant Robin.


Mochi-Galaxy t1_ixhnpjo wrote

Is Pizza Huts publicly telling drivers to speeding?


TheModeratorWrangler t1_ixjnxjn wrote

Heavy $SOLO enthusiast here.

The car was designed as a “digital twin” (constructed and tested within CAD across multiple people worldwide) and has been a very long term project for the company. 63 cars were shipped this year, down from 65 the previous one, but this is mainly ElectraMecc’s choice as according to IR, they were seriously testing the vehicles they built before main rollout.

Safety is actually extremely heavily researched by the company, exceeding the specifications set by the markets they aim to sell in, including the US, for vehicles of this ilk. The body is a supercell (think F1 cars) design to cocoon a driver in an accident, and the small footprint of the car is actually likely more to dissipate energy during an accident.

Link to website with specs


FuturologyBot t1_ixg23nr wrote

The following submission statement was provided by /u/Brainlessdad:

The largest Pizza Hut franchisee in California, American West Restaurant Group, announced it will partner with ElectraMeccanica to buy a fleet of Solo Cargo delivery vehicles for its restaurants—and add a warm cargo box to keep your pizza toasty in transit. 

Please reply to OP's comment here:


housevil t1_ixgd3xo wrote

In the Midwest there's a restaurant with cars that run on used cooking oil.


Cordizzlefoshizzle t1_ixh2ew6 wrote

I’ve been seeing these around LA recently. They receive a lot of attention from passersby


sonic10158 t1_ixh5bfu wrote

They look like the vehicles from Mr. Roboto’s factory in Goldmember


PV247365 t1_ixhjoyf wrote

I’m stoked that the pizza industry is innovating! Waiting for the day that pizza will be delivered via drone. 🍕


lay_tze t1_ixhmimp wrote

Mr. Bean breathing intensifies.


redtoad3212 t1_ixhujep wrote

i love those little things, never thought of them as pizza delivery cars lol


AzulMage2020 t1_ixi562q wrote

"Hut Riders! Today we make history!!! DEPLOY!!!!!"


MonkeyWithACough t1_ixitxay wrote

I've already seen one driving around in Huntington Beach on beach blvd.


Twoyurnipsinheat t1_ixiz4ad wrote

Was hoping for reliant robins. Would explain the state of my pizza everytime I order delivery.


TitaniumMarbles206 t1_ixizi8e wrote

Delivery vehicle? I want to know when they’ll release the pizza oven from back to the future pt 2


Cdn_citizen t1_ixj1gzn wrote

Actually, do 3 wheeled vehicles fare better in accidents?


AmeriToast t1_ixjplt9 wrote

Why not just go for the same ones Dominos is using?


Brainlessdad OP t1_ixjube6 wrote

Im sure they didn't collaborate on the idea


AmeriToast t1_ixjwku5 wrote

You don't have to collaborate on it. Those domino's vehicles have been around for a while, just make something similar or work out a deal with the vehicle manufacturer or something like that.

It would probably drive down the cost of the vehicles and could be used nationwide unlike these things.


pichael288 t1_ixjrku4 wrote

Weird. I'm used to pizza chains making the drivers use their own cars to pass maintenance costs along to the employees


tom-8-to t1_ixkom75 wrote

And because they are classed as motorcycles safety be damned

Hope their pizza boxes will offer some cushioning in the even of getting crushed by a regular car.


Bean_Juice_Brew t1_ixhmjqh wrote

I wonder how many people will pull up next to them and rev out their engines because it says "race me..."


ryanjoe82 t1_ixjqhq5 wrote

Honestly, I'm surprised they didn't go with drones 🤷🏻‍♂️


3_14159td t1_ixghek4 wrote

Solo filling it's purpose perfectly: taking up just as much space on the road as a two seater, but ecowashing the companies and people that buy them.

"Look at our hip and eco friendly delivery vehicles, they're extra good because they only transport one person" Yeah, ever heard of a motorcycle? Or the SmartFortwo that's practically the same size and can transport a whole additional person?


Lajinn5 t1_ixgra71 wrote

  1. Motorcycles are much more dangerous than a car or trike and generally require a specific type of license to operate, making them a bad solution.

  2. It's a pizza delivery, why the fuck would they need to transport more than 1 person. You're not going to be carpooling in these things, they're not taxis, there's legitimately no reason to require 2 seats.

Like, I get not liking companys and the like, but your arguments are just nonsense.


3_14159td t1_ixgsdzp wrote

This is really just Solo hate. Much like the RedBull minis and other "bespoke" vehicles, they'll end up on the second hand market as mostly useless vehicles. To me, it's fundamentally incorrect to create a vehicle that holds fewer occupants yet takes up the same amount of space on the road. It's just wrong. Motorcycle/scooter is valid, so it a Smart, even a Chevy Spark (though that doesn't make sense for pizza) but a Solo isn't. You don't even get more parking spaces at the restaurant unless you have a fleet of Solos and park them in a staggered pattern.


PhasmaFelis t1_ixhxipw wrote

This thing doesn't look much longer than a big motorcycle, and a second seat would be wasteful.

And requiring people to drive a motorcycle for work would be pretty shitty, given how dangerous those things are. Three-wheelers aren't the safest either, I'm not a fan of that, but at least it's fully enclosed with seatbelt, roll cage, and crumple zones.

(But not, I'm reading, an airbag. Ugh.)


3_14159td t1_ixi4v6u wrote

Check the dimensions, it's much larger than you think. Even the largest touring bikes aren't close. I was also anticipating an airbag... I can think of a handful of 60s sports cars the same size with similar safety standards, and two seats.