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Brainlessdad OP t1_ixfy2oo wrote

The largest Pizza Hut franchisee in California, American West Restaurant Group, announced it will partner with ElectraMeccanica to buy a fleet of Solo Cargo delivery vehicles for its restaurants—and add a warm cargo box to keep your pizza toasty in transit. 


poppinfresco t1_ixgd7ud wrote

How’s the uhhh, crash tests on those?


AntalRyder t1_ixgk9p5 wrote

Better than on a moped or bicycle. It'd be cool to commute in one of these.


mog_knight t1_ixhvapd wrote

But how about compared to a regular sedan and non lifted pickup?


Ok_Performance_2370 t1_ixihzr6 wrote

What about the prices mr business man


Ambiwlans t1_ixkouan wrote

Probably cheaper. Most pizza places don't use dedicated delivery vehicles. The only saving here would be gas.


mog_knight t1_ixii5pu wrote

Does pricing change crash test performance?


Ok_Performance_2370 t1_ixiimjc wrote

Yes considering the above comment is literally common sense it’d be safer than a bike, but still cheaper than a full blown car


G_Affect t1_ixggd6r wrote

That's what i was thinking... way to underpay and kill your drivers


poppinfresco t1_ixk0822 wrote

Weird, they only mention how good it did in side crush test and fail to mention literally any other test. Other than “it passed” I’m assuming it did not pass by much of a margin in any other category


CrumBum_sr t1_ixh12bt wrote

Building up partnerships for the franchise wars


TulkuHere t1_ixhxv2x wrote

Whats the benefit? Cant split traffic…