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TypicalJeepDriver t1_ixgjshe wrote

I feel like me and all my friends used to ONLY get Pizza Hut and now I can’t think of the last time I saw anyone eat it. Something about their crust gives me heartburn and it’s only theirs.


cheeztoshobo t1_ixgl3bs wrote

I used to love the crust as a kid. To be fair, I always liked greasy food. Not so much now when there's better pizza.

Though I think Pizza Hut did their buy one get one pizza that got people hooked on their franchise, that could be why they used to sell tons.


duderguy91 t1_ixgjy9s wrote

I had a buddy that was a delivery driver for them when I was in college. He would bring home those circles of slop and I could just SMELL the grease lol. Never needed to taste it again to remember what I tasted years before.


SuddenSeasons t1_ixhgdmy wrote

My best friends roommate worked there and when she'd come home at 1230am with leftovers and we were drinking since 730 we did not care. Truly an incredible arrangement.


godwalking t1_ixibas5 wrote

canadian here, so mileage may vary.


Last time i had pizza hut was on my birthday, i believe 19th. could be 18th, not sure. It cost like 70$, and we got a medium pizza, 10 ish chicken wings and a VERY small serving of fries.

That was almost 15 years ago. I could order the same meal for cheaper today still, from most places. u/salvidrim still think you wasted your cash on that.


Salvidrim t1_ixicuyn wrote

I don't remember ever getting wings and fries from PH, so I'll trust your memory on that, however that 70$ price tag sounds insane, I'm not sure that's really accurate lol. But it's true that back then I wasted my cash on kind of anything, I didn't know any better about anything after never having to purchase anything for myself, and it's all such a dark blur that I don't remember enjoying... well, anything tbh.

At my previous apartment there was no PH in range so my pizza needs had to be fulfilled by Domino's, but ever since a Pizza Hut opened near to me in late 2019 I have literally ordered over a hundred times. Not a single month goes by without an order, and sometimes up to twice a week. Meat Lover's Stuffed Crust is absolute top-tier, and usually 40$ or lower for two pizzas, with BOGO or 5$-5$-5$ deals (on top of reward freebies).


godwalking t1_ixii9rb wrote

We got wings because it was my birthday and that's what i wanted. you threw money around.

But the pizza had cheese crust and you put like 2 extras on it, and i think you ordered a 2l of coke, which by itself was like 5$ instead of walking to the literal kitchen in my house to get a coke there.

The insanity scared me.


Salvidrim t1_ixij66u wrote

Yeah that all sounds totally accurate tbh. I look back on these dark monthy at 18yo where I just blew through thousands of dollars of inheritance by spending on basically nothing of value, until a few months later I had to get onto welfare assistance. :(

Now at least I spend on restaurants because I can afford it, I've never been this financially comfortable. I just dropped a K on a PS5 and it barely creased my budget whatsoever.