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Vannilazero t1_ixhp6po wrote

Don’t know why your being downvoted, all massive chain pizza places are greasy and in my opinion not a good representation of pizza in general.


duderguy91 t1_ixhzjm9 wrote

Apparently Pizza Hut is a a very touchy subject for people lol.


MapleSyrupFacts t1_ixo01mv wrote

I kind of want pizza now after all this. Now to decide how greasy I want it.

This was a great ad.


duderguy91 t1_ixooipl wrote

Acquire that pizza friend.

Also hit me with a MapleSyrupFact on the way out.


MapleSyrupFacts t1_ixordaz wrote

Democracy as we know it was invented by the same native indians that invented maple syrup around the Montreal area 1000yrs ago


duderguy91 t1_ixot532 wrote

Much appreciated. God speed and happy thanksgiving!