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gimme20regular_cash t1_ixhz9hj wrote

I see the downvotes but I hear you. For me, living in an area of the US known for good real pizza, these big pizza chains notoriously don’t do great. I do know that this is NOT the case in parts of the country where good pizza isn’t a thing


duderguy91 t1_ixhzpxy wrote

What’s funny is I live in a pretty lame area. I don’t like in NYC or anything lol. Apparently Pizza Hut is a very touchy subject for people.


gimme20regular_cash t1_ixi6njl wrote

NJ/NYC metro area here. I find people order from these big chains mostly out of convenience (late at night or they had a coupon to use up). Otherwise the mom and pop joints dominate the area. I only realized the big chains are popular when I left the area