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dissident_right t1_iybissl wrote

Lol this cope. I'm sure the planes that China is producing in 2023 will be no better than the ones LHM produced in 1990. Sure.

My entire life useful idiots like /u/KileiFedaykin have been playing down the technological and economic strength of China ("Handing over HK will be the beginnings of Chinese Democracy!", "The Asian Tiger is going to go into recession!", "This housing market slump is the end of Chinese growth!"), every time they end up looking foolish.


CathodeRayNoob t1_iyblaya wrote

I'm referring to the use of 3d printing in mass production.

Mass production of modern jet fighters is dozens of units; not millions. 3d printing has been cheaper than tooling for various parts for decades.

I'm not necessarily knocking the Chinese; they are masters at traditional tooling and manufacturing in ways we simply don't have the talent base to replicate. But for the same reasons, we are decades ahead in additive manufacturing and Uncle Sam only knows how far ahead in aerospace technology.

I'm more knocking the headline that 3d printing is new or advanced in the field of aero defense.


KileiFedaykin t1_iycyqer wrote

Funny how you peg me as a useful idiot and then apply quotes that I've never said and very much disagree with. China is the most prominent competitor to the US in military capability and the US military will need to ensure it continues to advance and prepare for potential conflicts with China.

The track record I've seen from what China has built has not convinced me that they have the ability to seriously threaten US battle groups in open combat. China is certainly pushing to advance and expand their navy, but it hasn't happened yet, so it is an unknown. Their current navy doesn't seem to live up to the propaganda from what I hear.

These are just my opinions because I haven't seen anything to convince me otherwise, but I am always open to learn.