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Fritzi_Gala t1_ixnnjn6 wrote

Hey man listen, if it’s cheap and tastes good I will ABSOLUTELY eat bug. It doesn’t hurt my pride to eat insects. They are the most plentiful biomass on Earth after all, so it just kinda makes sense.

I just haven’t seen any preparations of insects that are remotely appetizing… Honestly I’m kind of surprised we haven’t seen like, bug nuggets or something. Just grind up the insects into a paste like we grind up chickens into “pink slime,” slap that shit in a nugget mould, put some breading on it and BOOM. Bug nuggets. Mmmm.


PeanutoD t1_ixnztjv wrote

A german grocery store had bug burger patties on sale for a little while a few years ago (2019 or so I think). They weren‘t bad, tasted mostly like whatever seasoning they put on it.


Fritzi_Gala t1_ixojymg wrote

I wish our grocery stores here in America had that! I really want to try something like that, and I’ve been on the hunt for good substitutes for traditional meats. Primarily for cost & health reasons, but the reduced environmental impact is appealing too. Veggie patties and tofu don’t really do it for me lol, I’m hoping insect meat products are closer in taste and feel to beef, chicken, etc.


Riversntallbuildings t1_ixo9uct wrote

Chapul Farms had a protein bar for a while but they had issues with consistent distribution and retail.

They pivoted and are making animal feed and fertilizer with bug protein instead.