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Rooboy75 t1_ixo5ysi wrote

Why will it not be used as a fuel? Already a load of companies doing so with great efficiency


kushal1509 t1_ixokjqt wrote

Infrastructure required to store and transport hydrogen is costly and complicated to build. It will never be used as fuel at scale because electric is just cheaper in most cases.


Rooboy75 t1_ixomah4 wrote

So was fuel station infrastructure originally.

It is heavily used already as a fuel in maritime and transport.


kushal1509 t1_ixp9j16 wrote

>It is heavily used already as a fuel in maritime and transport

What's your definition for "heavily" here? AFAIK there have been some trial runs that won't even be 0.001% of the total fuel consumed by those industries.


Rooboy75 t1_ixpdatn wrote

Of course it is not a high percentage yet, but there are companies like FMG / Future Fuels industries have developed conversions for dump trucks and rail.

Ferries in Norway running fuel cells. Bus companies in the US running fuel cells for some time already.

Battery is great, but not always practical on a larger scale. Elon fanboys all rave that battery is the only solution, which is why technology development stalls due to opinion based investment influences.


kushal1509 t1_ixq8oqi wrote

I am not saying battery will replace everything. The things where battery alternatives aren't viable would be replaced by bio fuels or e-fuels. Transporting and storing hydrogen is complicated you either need very high pressure tanks or cryogenic storage to get any useful energy density out of it. A few trial runs don't prove economic viability, they prove technical viability. The latter is relatively very easy to achieve.


JeremiahBoogle t1_ixxrgsw wrote

You're swimming against the current if you mention Hydrogen will be used as fuel on this subreddit.