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RadioFreeAmerika t1_ixpdmaq wrote

Thanks, but no. I'm waiting for lab-grown meat.


MadDog00312 t1_ixphcft wrote

Funny you should mention that: the FDA just approved lab grown meat last week. The US is the second country in the world to approve lab based meat. Singapore approved lab based chicken in Dec of 2020 (although it’s still pretty restricted).

FDA grants approval for lab based meat


RadioFreeAmerika t1_ixqbbss wrote

Not in the US, but I am actually following the developments quite closely, as I can't wait to buy it in my local supermarket. It will be the ideal substitute for "real" meat.


jaylem t1_ixpqm5b wrote

I don't understand attitude, surely it's just neophobia like the article suggests? Like how is eating something that an animal had to live a miserable life and die to provide you in any way better than something produced in a factory like a damned snickers bar?


RadioFreeAmerika t1_ixqb5fs wrote

No animal will have to die for lab-grown meat. It is made from stem cells in incubators. And it is actually quite close to introduction into the market. Some is already sold in pilot projects. In a few years, it will basically be indistinguishable from "real" meat. It also consumes far fewer resources than "real" meat and can be produced much faster and cheaper. Further down the road, it might even be possible to grow meat from extinguished species like mammoths or make things like wagyu meat for a fraction of the costs.