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Dickmusha t1_ixnyx1n wrote

How fucking delusional do you have to be to think these are a logical answer to this problem. You going to making thousands and thousands of these and hope for the best while they some how don't just become mass litter in the fields and fields of wheat we have to grow? This is a useless gadget and nothing more. I am guessing this is actually an ad for this useless product.


usmclvsop t1_ixou9y9 wrote

This product is probably useless, but robots using lasers to kill weeds without harming wanted plants will be amazing for agriculture. The amount of herbicides that can be replaced with tech will be greatly beneficial to the environment.


Dickmusha t1_ixpjb1j wrote

Yeah Dragonballs would be really cool too. Then we could just wish away all of our problems once a year.

But seriously imaginary technology that fixes all our problems always sounds cool... but rarely works out. I really doubt the answer to our problems will be expensive robots flying around fields fixing things magically for us. The robot kiosks at McDonalds can't get my order right and amazon delivery drones have turned out to be rc car ice chests because practically wins out in the end. We are going to need real functioning AI before anything like this works.


hwmchwdwdawdchkchk t1_ixpowhz wrote


Dickmusha t1_ixrjtpn wrote

That is a massively expensive version of OPs impossible nonfunctioning example. Of course you can pump shit loads of money into making things work .. but its not going to be scalable in an economic way.


usmclvsop t1_ixrmone wrote

The very first oled tv cost $15,000 and today you can get one for $500. Technology will improve and become more affordable. You think this is a case of if but I guarantee it’s a matter of when.


Dickmusha t1_ixrniu0 wrote

Me right above you"
"I really doubt the answer to our problems will be expensive robots flying around fields fixing things magically for us. "

As usual people on reddit don't actually understand the points other people make but instead project what they want to fight against onto people disagreeing with them.

200 dollar shit robots will not be doing this job. The only thing capable of this job is absurdly expensive compared to the alternative ... herbicides.. technology is not at the point where thousands of expensive robots combing unbelievable amounts of farm land are going to be an economically viable answer. When AI is in Sci Fi land levels of availability we will have all kinds of magical tech. This idea is 100 years away... won't solve the real issues facing mass farming by then .. and is no where near as affective as GMOs will be at facing this issue... and the current option available is a diesel guzzling mess.


zempter t1_ixpkyyg wrote

It's not nearly as far fetched as you are making it sound. But never in the near future will you be able to operate out of such a small system, especially a small solar panel.

Image recognition AI is pretty good these days though, and lazer tech can cut through a lot of materials, so it's really just a matter of having a strong power source, and a more expensive set of equipment.


akusokuZAN t1_ixpmv3p wrote

I literally dreamed of this, back when we had an orchard and it was a really painstaking process to remove all the weeds between the grape vines/rows. A strong laser shooting down the row with a hard surface at the end.

But as the weed is cut and falls down, it'd get in the way and my dream soon turned into a fire nightmare :)


Dickmusha t1_ixrjdpi wrote

None of that will work in real life. That works in farming videogames. I live a city away from farm land. That idea is not going to work its not that simple and it will never be. You need a thinking machine making actual decisions to to do anything close to this.


MilkshakeBoy78 t1_ixqz0sl wrote

> The robot kiosks at McDonalds can't get my order right

it should always work. i dont think you know how to use the kiosk.


Dickmusha t1_ixriyuw wrote

Ok sure. I order a chicken quesadilla literally last week at taco bell and it sent the wrong items to the cash register. So it gave me a different item because the skus in their system changed and the cashier literally told me "Oh yeah its been doing that" So no. I mean its pointless pointing this out but its literally something that happened to me. That incident has happened to me multiple times. I'm not just making shit up I only brought it up because of the issue.


WimbleWimble t1_ixof0iz wrote

If they can be easily modified into sex robots, they will sell pretty quick on Ebay.