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zempter t1_ixpkyyg wrote

It's not nearly as far fetched as you are making it sound. But never in the near future will you be able to operate out of such a small system, especially a small solar panel.

Image recognition AI is pretty good these days though, and lazer tech can cut through a lot of materials, so it's really just a matter of having a strong power source, and a more expensive set of equipment.


akusokuZAN t1_ixpmv3p wrote

I literally dreamed of this, back when we had an orchard and it was a really painstaking process to remove all the weeds between the grape vines/rows. A strong laser shooting down the row with a hard surface at the end.

But as the weed is cut and falls down, it'd get in the way and my dream soon turned into a fire nightmare :)


Dickmusha t1_ixrjdpi wrote

None of that will work in real life. That works in farming videogames. I live a city away from farm land. That idea is not going to work its not that simple and it will never be. You need a thinking machine making actual decisions to to do anything close to this.