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Dickmusha t1_ixrjtpn wrote

That is a massively expensive version of OPs impossible nonfunctioning example. Of course you can pump shit loads of money into making things work .. but its not going to be scalable in an economic way.


usmclvsop t1_ixrmone wrote

The very first oled tv cost $15,000 and today you can get one for $500. Technology will improve and become more affordable. You think this is a case of if but I guarantee it’s a matter of when.


Dickmusha t1_ixrniu0 wrote

Me right above you"
"I really doubt the answer to our problems will be expensive robots flying around fields fixing things magically for us. "

As usual people on reddit don't actually understand the points other people make but instead project what they want to fight against onto people disagreeing with them.

200 dollar shit robots will not be doing this job. The only thing capable of this job is absurdly expensive compared to the alternative ... herbicides.. technology is not at the point where thousands of expensive robots combing unbelievable amounts of farm land are going to be an economically viable answer. When AI is in Sci Fi land levels of availability we will have all kinds of magical tech. This idea is 100 years away... won't solve the real issues facing mass farming by then .. and is no where near as affective as GMOs will be at facing this issue... and the current option available is a diesel guzzling mess.