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Gemmabeta t1_ixnzz8v wrote

Well, that disease just completely dropped off the radar after a few weeks of media hysteria, eh.


Bubbagumpredditor t1_ixo9iha wrote

Yes, that's what happens when you properly handle public health emergencies


DrewsBag t1_ixos6ps wrote

It’s what happens when transmission requires human to human contact, not airborne.


Stepjamm t1_ixqhts2 wrote

And the symptoms are much harder to hide or ignore


mymemesnow t1_ixrobtt wrote

Finally a virus I won’t have to worry about.


SgtMajMythic t1_ixpydsk wrote

Yeah no. It’s just not that infectious. Has nothing to do with how it’s being handled.


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SgtMajMythic t1_ixrvqjs wrote

Source that there was a chance it could be “entrenched”? It’s not nearly as severe as most STIs though. Symptoms last 2-4 weeks and resolve on their own. This is an overhyped disease because we just had a pandemic and the media is taking advantage of our increased alerted state.


chemhobby t1_ixv1j4q wrote

it was NOT properly handled in the UK. It's really just luck that the situation now isn't worse.


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O_oh t1_ixoru2m wrote

You can get it from prolonged kissing, oral and vaginal contact as well. Also from touching a monkeypox rash.

It's easily handled because most people are symptomatic and easily spotted. The sudden spread/worry was from the few who were asymptomatic and people not knowing what it was


OneHumanPeOple t1_ixos0ih wrote

No. It’s spread through close contact or touching objects that a contagious person has touched as well as respiratory droplets, the same way that chicken pox is spread. The reason it has been such a big deal in the gay community and not so much the daycare and elementary school community is simply that it was the community that had an outbreak first and the two groups don’t meet that often. Gay men are also very health conscious and are more likely to seek medical help.


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sushisection t1_ixp7234 wrote

you dont know about all the gay dudes who got vaccinated and effectively halted its spread


proto-dex t1_ixogmvw wrote

Tbf - a lot was learned from the early days of the pandemic which likely helped contribute a lot to reducing its spread. Combine that with a different primary transmission method and you have a different overall outcome


imafraidofmuricans t1_ixpxyws wrote

You should remove the roof of your house. It's to keep rain out, but it's never rained on you inside your house so why would you need the roof?


lordofcthulhu t1_ixomgho wrote

Pretty much right around the time pets and kids started to contract the virus


NotAnotherEmpire t1_ixogl4o wrote

Effective sterilizing vaccine that can be given to contacts and contacts of contacts, is effective.


SgtMajMythic t1_ixpyciw wrote

Yeah I’m surprised the mainstream media didn’t milk it more for clicks and views. It’s absurd how much control media companies have over the public.


DustinHammons t1_ixq9s8i wrote

It dropped off the radar completely when Kids and Dogs started getting it.


MuayThaiYogi t1_ixok21f wrote

Monkeypox is still a thing? Haven't heard that name in a long time. Was wondering what happened to the next great emergency.


Thedracus t1_ixp7f7g wrote

It's still a thing but by far and large the lgbtq comuninity has lived with the stigma of a botched pandemic once before.

Every single gay person I know, got two vaccines doses the second they could. In my city (Cincinnati) the local health dept went to extreme measures to get anyone that was gay or willing to say they were the vaccine for free.

This is what happened the vaccine worked and gay folks took some reasonable precautions for a month or so.


MagnesnowY t1_ixuqj7e wrote

im a gay folk inside a famously anti gay folk state and i still don't know how to get mine without sone heavy hassle. luckily people aren't reporting their cases so the CDC thinks we have very little


Thedracus t1_ixurfgz wrote

You need to goto a city with a modern health dept.


MagnesnowY t1_ixurnlf wrote

thats the plan now that schools out on break for me. kinda still sucks that theres a lot of people unvaccinated here and just assuming they wont get it cuz reports are low or "not gay" or whatever. i know the public impression on monkeypox here is that only gay people get it 100%


Spongman t1_ixpntcl wrote

The members of the gay community (which was most widely affected initially) are not as a rule crazy right-wing conspiracy nutjobs. They got vaccinated. That’s how a sane population responds to a public health crisis.


SgtMajMythic t1_ixpyhpz wrote

It’s not an airborne respiratory virus…it only spreads by direct contact and btw there are quite a few gay conservatives.


Spongman t1_iybwlt2 wrote

where did i say anything about it being airborne or respitory? where did i say there were no gay conservatives?


SgtMajMythic t1_iyc97cf wrote

The vaccination is not why monkeypox isn’t spreading much. The virus is just inherently not as infectious, but I wouldn’t expect you to understand.


Spongman t1_iye9sli wrote

how is any of that relevant? i'm not comparing covid & mp infection rates. i'm saying that mp infection rates dropped after the vaccine became available, in response to the original question: 'Was wondering what happened to the next great emergency'

nothing you said above was relevant to the conversation.

but, i wouldn't expect you to understand.


Cautemoc t1_ixpfvyg wrote

I don't know who was saying it's a great emergency... It's spread by human to human contact, not air-born like most great emergencies.


Jebus_UK t1_ixpmspd wrote

There was certainly an air of media hysteria suggesting that it could become just thst


FederalSlutInspector t1_ixo1xkm wrote

78% effective how could they possibly have any kind of respectable sample size when it is such a rare disease. Are they having vaccinated people expose themselves to the virus to see because if they don't get exposed to it then there's no way to know if it is effective or not.


IxbyWuff t1_ixoh2c2 wrote

Hence the word 'suggests'. It's an interesting data point, not pretending to be a truth


LavaMcLampson t1_ixot6hm wrote

It wasn’t that rare in the sub population of gay men in London for a period of several months which is the group they vaccinated.


Baud_Olofsson t1_ixpkp83 wrote

> 78% effective how could they possibly have any kind of respectable sample size when it is such a rare disease.

The UK has had more than 3500 confirmed cases, and almost exclusively among MSM. That is more than enough.

> Are they having vaccinated people expose themselves to the virus to see because if they don't get exposed to it then there's no way to know if it is effective or not.

Like with any vaccine study, they are comparing infection rates between vaccinated and unvaccinated people.


[deleted] t1_ixqh3l2 wrote

If it's anything like the last vaccine, they just made that number up. "stops transmission dead in it's tracks"


ManapuaButt t1_ixpemso wrote

My state did a pretty ok job at distributing the vaccines. Had some anti-lgbtq people harassing patients outside the clinics, but it was overall ok and they prevented a much wider outbreak.


knockatize t1_ixq1ukr wrote

My gay male friends are all 50+ and married. Their risk was as close to zero as mine, but got their shots because they lived through the worst of AIDS, not because they’re going to orgies. They didn’t get to go to those the first time around, either.


Cute-Excitement1935 t1_ixqn508 wrote

Oh yeah? Just like the last one? Can't wait till the data from the company making it gets released and it's actually 17% efficacy


150First t1_ixq32f4 wrote

And the COVID vaccine is also safe and effective. Meanwhile on Rumble there’s this thing called “sudden death” that’s worth watching.


Gorman2462 t1_ixqad5x wrote

Doesn't sound that great. That's a C if we're grading.


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Skugla t1_ixpeqsn wrote

No one ever said that about Covid,.. Or were you just stupid?


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OneHumanPeOple t1_ixosium wrote

You’re spreading misinformation. There are children who have contracted it from other children. There have been workers who contracted it from handling money passed to them by contagious customers. Cats have gotten it. None of these cases were from sexual contact.


elliothyoung t1_ixosygi wrote

Fomite transmission is extremely rare. That’s a fact.


OneHumanPeOple t1_ixouzxp wrote

These cases didn’t arise from

>male-male butt-sex.

So how was not engaging in that behavior

>100% effective?


elliothyoung t1_ixox1ci wrote

They’re so rare they are statistically insignificant, thus, statistically, they’re not different from zero. Therefore, it is a waste of time to consider them. We don’t make policy on outliers.


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chemhobby t1_ixv2kpk wrote

except it wasn't developed in a hurried manner, this vaccine has been around for quite a while


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murrmanniii t1_ixq04m6 wrote

Wrong. Learn the actual form of transmission before spreading your own hate speech.


RXisHere t1_ixq0urx wrote

Abstinence is 100 percent effective how is that wrong or hate speech? All types of people can participate in that activity


murrmanniii t1_ixq2poo wrote

Did you forget to include “abstinence” in your comment or forgot to also include “dangerous vaginal sex with a condom”? It spreads just as easily with any type of sex. Making it specifically about anal sex is stigmatizing and wrong.


RXisHere t1_ixq7fw8 wrote

That is actually misinformation my friend. Stop spreading it Anal sex causes significantly more tissue rupture than vaginal sex and therefore put those that partake in it at greater risk of viral infections like aids or monkeypox. That is a proven fact.


murrmanniii t1_ixr2b0i wrote

Proven facts:

MPOX is a skin to skin transmitted virus. Literally transmitted by touch. It just so happens that sex, both anal and vaginal, involves a lot of touch (if you’re doing it right).

HIV is transmitted when the virus gets directly into the bloodstream. So simple touch does not transmit it.

Those two viruses act and transmit in completely different manners. They are not at all related. The type of sex you have has nothing to do with the transmission.

Stay safe and stay informed. :)


UnifiedQuantumField t1_ixpxzvm wrote

Not catching it is 100% effective.

And it's apparently pretty easy to not catch it.

Sorry if this makes some people feel bad. But it's still true. And I'm not gonna pull the truth down because downvotes.


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nautical_sea t1_ixouctn wrote

It’s almost like the rapid deployment of an effective vaccine to the highest risk communities decreased the transmission rate to the extent it was no longer spreading rapidly?

Who would have thought.


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Mlliii t1_ixp61oy wrote

I had multiple friends get it, most of us got vaccinated immediately, in lines hundreds of people long.


mastersheeef t1_ixp70lt wrote

I’m surprised the news isn’t talking about it, that’s all. Bring awareness right? Help save others. Why don’t they care?


Mlliii t1_ixpbhj6 wrote

It’s mostly because there was an extremely effective vaccine rollout and community that generally aren’t fringe conspiracy theorists. CDC Case Trend chart


Sgubaba t1_ixp9b52 wrote

I think the Ukraine war happened


[deleted] t1_ixoi036 wrote

idc. i aint shooting nothing more in my body. the fear mongering we experienced with covid was absolutely ridiculous. the pressure from family, friends, & work was outrageous for the severity level of that virus. what sucks is when something more serious actually shows up, nobody is going to willingly vaccinate. its created a real problem


Holiday-Monk4167 t1_ixonq37 wrote

so you're also admitting you won't help when a more "serious" disease shows up. Covid was and remains awful because of this exact mindset.


Jscottpilgrim t1_ixpo5st wrote

What a long way of saying "I don't think 6.6 million covid deaths are that big of a deal."


xD1LL4N t1_ixpsfdj wrote

What was the flu death rate during covid era ?


Jscottpilgrim t1_ixqzfxx wrote

Exactly what you'd expect it to be when more than half the population is wearing masks and social distancing.


murrmanniii t1_ixq0app wrote

Thank you for the reminder to also get a flu shot.