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UniversalMomentum t1_ixo2iz5 wrote

It seems to me that one of the advantages of drones is that you can use them to apply non-lethal Force while not risking the human police officer as much so why is that not already more prevalent.

We should have pepper spray and pepper bomb drones and led high intensity spot lighting to your eyeball drones and maybe even taser drones before we have lethal Force drones though I am not necessarily against the idea does one of the main reasons that has police officers so lethally trigger happy is their training to protect themselves at all costs.


proposlander t1_ixp6fa9 wrote

That was my reaction too. Robots are expendable compared to human life so why would they need to use lethal force to subdue a suspect? Presumably if we can make robots capable of policing duties we can design then to be very effective at using non-lethal force to negate practicality all threats.