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jordantask t1_ixoeo9l wrote

It’s not an autonomous robot, it’s remotely operated. The liability, such as it is, will rest on the person operating it.


manicdee33 t1_ixofaj0 wrote

We still have to prove that the operator was operating it. But funnily enough all the body cams failed at the same time and nobody can remember who was actually operating the drone when it killed that unarmed black kid.


ventusvibrio t1_ixow5vj wrote

So the cops? And back to square 1 we go. Police still have qualified immunity unless they want to forgo that?


Delamoor t1_ixovs9s wrote

Ah, so a cop, so... Zero accountability.

The US is a goddamn police state. Your cops already shoot an insane number of people, why do they need to do it remotely too? What a rotting shitpile.