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2DEE831 t1_ixo7dx3 wrote

An Android phone with a battery that lasts all day long with heavy use


RevolutionaryKnee736 t1_ixodtsu wrote

Moto G Power, 3 days. they copped out a bit with the newer versions not using lower demand hardware, but the big battery is the key. Runs all the killer apps like maps + wifi + 4G + GPS + bluetooth no bother for days.

Who gives a crap about a super slim device when it fails after 12 hrs!? too many people are fooled by shiny objects.


2DEE831 t1_ixok7b2 wrote

12 hours? That's generous, my S22 Ultra lasts about 7 hours if I'm lucky


CloudHeadJnr t1_ixoog18 wrote

Discovering extraterrestrial life. I don’t mind if it’s intelligent or not, any complex organism that would prove life is not just confined to our planet. In my lifetime I really want to be lucky enough to be around if/when humans discover alien life forms. I could die peacefully if I knew honestly


SillyNluv t1_ixoroam wrote

I’m torn between your answer and mind uploading.


Lj4sk t1_ixpqmfk wrote

Mind uploading could make people's spirit immortal. Pure spirits with no biological body. It's probably not for the XXI'th century though. It would need a computer with a power bigger or equivalent to the human brain.


aimlengineer t1_ixo7vce wrote

I want a laptop that can last for at least 2 whole days. Hate charging haha.


MrGate t1_ixpeq2f wrote

What if you had one, that continuously charged using wireless charging as long as you were somewhere in your house.

As wireless charging advances, i think many things will take advantage of things like this, like Roombas, You might not even need a battery on board on some devices


Fraun_Pollen t1_ixocoqf wrote

Interplanetary colony. Can be the most dystopian world imaginable but if we’re able to live off this rock, there’s hope


OnceIsForever t1_ixpqdak wrote

I'm really just waiting for the decent implementation of existing technology in a saner way. At the moment, cars absolutely dominate some parts of the surface of the earth and affect the air quality, city planning, architecture and economic and social life of so many of us.

I suspect that one day our descendants will look back at our urban areas and see the predominance of cars as a very strange blip in a long history of walkable cities.


RevolutionaryKnee736 t1_ixodzwv wrote

If AGI was here t would keep its profile low ..... so em, santa clause is real eh ..elf


Even_Artichoke_422 t1_ixp2gkg wrote

What is AGI?


fractalimaging t1_ixpblvu wrote

Whereas Artificial Intelligence as we know it can only do one or a few things with any competency, Artificial General Intelligence essentially encapsulates most, if not everything a human can do and more, and with greater ability than the average human. This point at which AI can surpass humans by virtually every human metric is what many refer to as the Singularity, which is predicted to happen between 10 and 15 years from now (other estimates vary). It's called the Singularity because it is seen by many as the single most important event in human history, in which we create a being far superior to us, essentially rendering us as the new Chimpanzees in the wake of this new super intelligence. There's a lot more to this, but that's the basic gist of what you need to know. It's a highly interesting topic, and I highly recommend researching it further.


themaskofgod t1_ixpo6gw wrote

Em is definitely real, hoping for a new album in 2023. Still waiting on believable proof for Claus.


darth_nadoma t1_ixovymo wrote

I expect all of them to come together, in a single package


MrGate t1_ixpekfm wrote

Advancements in space travel, space mining.

The tech we will need to invent to accompany it. Like Planetary Internet we can adapt and change as we travel to new places. Like mars.

NASA is looking at setting up a Moon Internet in the far future once we get bases going on the base, so the bases and Low Orbit Space Station outside the moon. can all communicate with eachother.

We will likely need to build special types of satellites to act as relay stations between us and mars once we get there and start building bases and settlements etc.

But what if we get to a point to where we can achive new types of communication. Like using Quantum entanglement, Or Modulating Tiny Gravitional Waves and Using Detectors on each end to convert different levels of waves to 1's and 0's


reboot_the_world t1_ixplccu wrote

I wait for a human race that uses a better money system than the current one. The current one will kill us. See the money syndrom from helmut creutz:

And the natural economic order from Silvio Gesell:

But to the mind uploading. I think mind uploading is totally stupid. This is a copy process. The thing that you uploading is not you. Why would anybody want this?

I don't wait for AGI, but for AI that helps to boost the health span massively.


rixtil41 OP t1_ixpsejx wrote

Mind uploading is about replacing your brain with artificial one. For example replacing your body parts until there is no biological part left. Replace parts of the brain until there's no biological parts left.


iNstein t1_ixptqg4 wrote


The AI OS from the movie 'Her'. I think if GPT-4 can get to that level, at least on a social level our society will change forever.


Beneficial_Tough3345 t1_ixq02q9 wrote

Blasters and phasers cuz I’m a better shot than a stormtrooper


protoman888 t1_ixq0l0c wrote

I feel like Cory Doctorow's books covered these in exhaustive detail.
Not waiting for any of those things but it would be cool to meet extraterrestrial life.