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LastPlaceStar t1_ixwbrpk wrote

The fact that the map is infinite has absolutely zero relevance.


garry4321 t1_ixwfgav wrote

Infinite map means infinite villages means each new village you come across needs to be-maintained in processing and simulated in real-time. So yea, infinite map DOES matter. Each new village now needs to be simulated in addition to just simulating gameplay.


LastPlaceStar t1_ixwxkr8 wrote

The game doesn't process everything at the same time. That's what chunk loading is.


RedditFuelsMyDepress t1_ixx2yxj wrote

I guess the confusion is that how would they change the village based on AI behavior if that AI isn't always simulated on the background. Obviously they don't need to render it graphically when you're not there, but you'd expect the village to change when you leave and come back. Could they just quickly run the simulation or "predict" what changes would have occurred when the chunk is loaded in? I'm genuinely asking, because I don't know how this stuff usually works.


GOOD_BONE_N_CALCIUM t1_ixyjtlk wrote

Hell they could have the information processed into the seed how things will proceed once observed / loaded / reloaded vs in world time.


garry4321 t1_ixzrlyb wrote

Thats my point. If you want AI robots always building while you are not there, the game has to render those chunks and simulate the AI building. Perhaps not graphically, but still has to process it exactly the same as if you were there. Otherwise the game just has to fake it and slap in a pre-built castle as if the AI built it, but then thats not AI at all, thats just slapping down pre-builds.