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Aggravating_Impact97 t1_ixwqxwp wrote

For me I think if AI could teach humans new ways of doing things and cater to people unique learning styles. That would be amazing. Imagine learning how to play an instrument the same way you could learn how to drive a car. If it just broke it down for you and told you exactly what you needed to know in that moment. Experts are expensive and normally focus on other would-be experts. Ai has all the time in the world and could teach everyone at once while going at their speed. That would be a better world that shouldn't be feared.


ImMrtaL t1_ixxfwqp wrote

I think by the time we get here we're gonna reach a point where ai will "learn" things on its own and make scientific advances without any need for our input. Not too much use in us learning things other than just out of interest at that point


Aggravating_Impact97 t1_iy2o6rd wrote

I disagree. But it comes down to just a difference of opinion and not out of specialized knowledge in all things AI. I am not an expert so take everything I said with a grain of salt. I think it would be wonderful to have another option to help people learn and that can have all sort of positive effects. Learning how to play an instrument is more than just a hobby. It can affect every part of a persons life. It is also extremely hard and has a high barrier for entry for a reason. To be able to aide that process in some way would be quite the breakthrough.


ImMrtaL t1_iy3hdtd wrote

I completely agree with what you're saying and I'm also very excited for the opportunities to learn new or existing skills faster, and of course it will affect every aspect of someone's life. However I really think that if such a complex system can be made then AI should have the ability to improve itself and exponentially increase in complexity and capability. There's not much way for our meat computers to keep up with that. And so I say that these activities will be out of pure interest instead of utility. Against self-evolving ai we don't really stand a chance

I really think with AI, the future will just be every person essentially living as an athlete or artist and basically doing the equivalent of maxing out their skills in an RPG video game, while AI is figuring out how to feed and house us in the background. I mean, I hope so..