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hara8bu t1_ixy6zt7 wrote

Follow-up questions: how do you define narrow AI? (ANI) and is ANI a form of AI?

It sounds like you believe AI = Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) ONLY. And because we are nowhere near AGI now, and you are talking about “what it would mean for an AI to have …” you are starting from different assumptions than the rest of the world and probably won’t have an easy time discussing AI with anyone.

So, if we replace the “AI” in your comments with “AGI”, then yes, I agree with your below definition of “understanding”. Thank you.

> I have used it here to loosely mean having having a functional recognition of the laws of the world that the AI is exposed to. This means that by observing the world around it, it could apply these laws and be able to make reasonable predictions about the state of that world, make connections about the relationships of the states of various objects, and generally be able to asses how systems based on those laws operate.