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garry4321 t1_ixzqgox wrote

Why would it need to be rendered?

If the goal is that when you come back to the town, they just plop a pre-fab castle in the middle of the town, thats not AI is it? They have to simulate the villagers building in Realtime at all times. With infinite villages available, that means that the game is now simulating dozens to hundreds of AI's building across the map thus having to keep those areas rendered in memory.


Remarkable-Hall-9478 t1_iy116hs wrote

Why does it have to be rendered in real time at all times? It literally only ever has to be rendered when it’s on-screen. The ”building” can be low-weight calculations done off-screen that then provide an emergent future state. There is absolutely no reason to be constantly running anything in the background except for the minimal amount of extrapolation based on game state. Even if you did have the AI models running in the background, unless you’re actively training them, drawing results out is simple and very low capacity


garry4321 t1_iy1vzff wrote

Ok so not AI. Just prebuilds (like we have now), but when you come to the village, one of the villagers has a block in his hands pretending he’s building it. You walk out of render distance for a second, come back , and there is a castle plopped down and the villager says “I did that”