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garry4321 t1_ixzsrfy wrote

Im not saying it hasnt improved at all, I am saying that moore's law is dead, and the multiplication of processing power each year is less and less. Processors used to double in processing power roughly every 2 years.

You even prove my point. The 3770k was released in early 2012. The I9 13900k which is the TOP OF THE FUCKING LINE CPU was JUST released.

Over 10 years and the top of the line CPU is only 250% faster than a chip released back in 2012? We were still flying the space shuttle in 2012. Obama still was a president with black hair in 2012.

2.5x better CPU in over 10 years. NOT GREAT


Cale111 t1_iy2ucr0 wrote

Moore’s law is about transistor count, not speed. It’s still in effect, just slightly less since 2010