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nardev t1_ixvcj3m wrote

Don’t look at it like that. Try this: one artist will now be able to create game assets for the whole game in a matter of days. You still need to hand pick, curate, etc. Or: an artist will be able to make his own museum on his own with no help from 3D artists or programers. Or a thousands of other ways to look at it. It’s just technology. Art will remain art. AI (computers) just remove the mundane.


makse_djaole t1_ixwp4ax wrote

Thing about making your game in days, or making your own musem using AI is - nobody will care. Why would I or anyone else waste my time playing games somebody else made, or looking at someone else's art, when I can just make my own?


nardev t1_ixycu0e wrote

Well, then by that rationale art is superflous. Which it is not. So your point is somehow lacking. Something is off. This is just another tool. Someone still needs to use and direct it.


makse_djaole t1_ixyhe3m wrote

That's the thing, it's not just another tool, this is something completely new. Yes, you have to use AI and you have to direct it, but it doesn't take much time to learn how to do that, especially when compared how much time it takes to learn how to draw or model or code. And it's just going to get easier.


nardev t1_iy0apv3 wrote

And why is that a bad thing? I just can’t accept the argument that one should stick with old tools of the trade in order to…not sure what really. Even tools without AI have helper functions that curve lines for you automatically and proportionally, etc.


DukeBeefpunch t1_ixw0hmx wrote

Thinking your way, you just eliminated dozens of jobs, and what would you gain? A game comes out faster and shittier? More soulless?


nardev t1_ixw1cnp wrote

why would it be shittier? instead of spending time on mundane design choirs the artist can more quickly iterate over ideas and even finetune them by hand in default design tools. or the designer can always use the old tools of the trade as well from scratch. the people will always appreciate the better outcome, however it is done. and in this case it seems that the artist/designer will have more power and options, not less.