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Cncfan84 t1_ixvxxtt wrote

I'm a 3d artist, this shit terrifies me. This will have me out of a job in the not so distant future. I'll be retraining next year.


Fleaslayer t1_ixx4vq7 wrote

I graduated with a computer science degree in 85, and at the time prior were working on auto code generation. The were articles saying programmers would become unnecessary. Nearly 40 years later and auto code has gotten much better but we need more programmers than ever.

I'm guessing you won't be replaced anytime soon, though your tools might change.


metekillot t1_ixxzg32 wrote

That's a good guess but also consider the breakthroughs we're making with quantum computing. I hardly understand a fucking thing about it but I've been reading that some theories behind the unique nature of consciousness are due to quantum mechanics, and if we're able to manipulate those mechanics we may be closer to creating truly conscious machines then we think.


Fleaslayer t1_ixy059w wrote

Not my field of expertise - I do real time control systems - but I don't think we're that close. I mean, there are really cool things getting done, especially with machine learning, but nothing in the vicinity of a conscious AI that I'm aware of. Not even the grand parent of one.


metekillot t1_ixy0bz1 wrote

10 years of advancement today would have been 40 or 50 years back in the day. Who knows what's over the next hill? Science rules.


Flaky_Bee_2599 t1_ixypqmg wrote

I'm not an AI expert, but I'm pretty sure general AI is thought of as a "decades away, if ever" sort of thing.


hvdzasaur t1_ixwtbql wrote

Look at what the actual output of that is, it's practically unusable. I've done work in this field, and while this is genuinely impressive and a step up from previous work. It doesn't really have any practical use beyond rapid exploration. Arguably the most impressive thing about this is the natural language processing to 3d synthesization, and the speed at which it does it. How this would be used is to quickly synthesize rough ideas, modify them, and then send them to outsourcing alongside concept art guidelines for final asset production.

Production of 3d assets these days is already largely outsourced, but art direction and dressing is still going to be needed. What will be truly revolutionary if an one could derive context, style and intent behind an existing scene or concept piece, and just feed you models or 3d elements that would best fit within the environment or character. Not even synthesization, just asset suggestion is already a gargantuan task. Promethean still largely works off natural language and meta data, but not from one shot image or geometric data, for now. But you still need a person to properly direct towards a desirable output.

We're still miles off from replacing actual artists.


Tip_Odde t1_ixxtdiy wrote



I work in tv, no we're not miles off. Go ask anyone who used to work in transcriptions.


hvdzasaur t1_ixyiiau wrote

Yes, because transcription is a form of artistic expression. /s

3D art involves a lot of different subtask and disciplines, and most of them involve some form of artistic direction, to varying degrees. We've long been automating aspects of the job, but it didn't result in a replacement of jobs, yet.

Ultimately this will end up being just another tool to do the job faster.


Tip_Odde t1_iy3pjlr wrote

The people who worked in it for decades would certainly say there was "an art to it" but I agree they are vastly different. Unfortunately for you, they got chopped about a decade ago and tech has been growing at an exponential rate since. The difference in tech is equally vast, if not more so.

Yes, they are tools that will make work faster but you're relying too much on stuff that hasn't happened specifically to you. You need to look at the bigger picture. Another example, editors. We used to have an editor and maybe two assistant editors per episode. Within a decade it will be one or two editors for the entire season running a team of "virtual" editors that do the basics. The people who are in their 30/40s at the top of their artistic fields arent going anywhere for decades and the number of jobs in these industries will be ever dwindling.


ixramuffin t1_ixympqg wrote

Your comment will not age well. Come back in 5 years.


hvdzasaur t1_ixz38je wrote

Yeah, it's not like I professionally worked in this research field and 3d art for the past few years. My job was literally to work with this tech and exploring ways to introduce this into production pipelines, both game development, and related industries.

3d has always been a field that moves fast, very fast, and continuously learning to use new tech is and will be a part of the job. Effectively using generative AI will become a part of the skillset moving forward.


HerrSchnabeltier t1_ixw1s8l wrote

Retraining to do something that will be equally displaced by these developments? ;-)

Don't be terrified, be open to whatever and however it will affect the craft, incorporate it or don't (there is space for both).

Change is constant and when there's nothing you can do about it, there's no need to worry. If there is something you can do about (or despite) it, there is no need to worry either.


Cncfan84 t1_ixw65j0 wrote

I'm thinking UX design, seems safer from AI. I suppose terrified isn't the correct word but it does worry me, I create photo real marketing lifestyle images to sell products and my days are numbered. I don't want to be jumping into a new career in a few years in my early 40s, competing with everyone else being forced to do the same thing. You can't fight change so I may as well just get on with it.


Kryptosis t1_ixwnp2o wrote

Or you could stay on top of trends and develop the skills to produce the AI images yourself? It’s not actually as easy as a simple google search if you’re doing professional level work. It takes skills and practice to get consistent results and your job will eventually condense and morph into that. As you say, just get in with it. Learning that is.


makse_djaole t1_ixwptlq wrote

It's not easy - now. It will be much easier next year. And even easier in ten years.

Another thing is that some people think it's not moral to claim something AI made as their own.


Kryptosis t1_ixwqcgy wrote

Eh I think there’s a bottom line for how easy it’s ever going to be. Even when we get the the point of brain chips producing art we imagine we’re going to need people educated in competition and lighting etc to imagine them in the first place.

We might get the the point where you just say “male on our bike in the woods” but it won’t be able to pick the best one for you. It’ll always need guidance. And that’s a job.