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Heavenly_Noodles t1_ixxk727 wrote

It looks like musicians might fare somewhat better in the face of the AI revolution than artists in other mediums. The one big advantage music has going for it is the performance aspect. People enjoy seeing musicians play their instruments and putting on a show; it's hard to make an entertaining spectacle of the act of 3D modeling or drawing pictures.


LevelWriting t1_iy255vf wrote

Lol you really think that ai won't be able to recreate realistic vocals or video? We're maybe a year or two away from that.


Heavenly_Noodles t1_iy2f7j3 wrote

I'm talking about live performance. Even in this day and age, people enjoy seeing their fellow humans perform. Of course AI will be able to produce convincing music and even video; it already can for the most part.