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UniversalMomentum t1_ixzmrg4 wrote

Gold Hydrogen sound silly, but the idea of converting an oil well to a hydrogen well sounds plausible. I'm not sure hydrogen will catch up fast enough to be around long, but so is the life of competing technologies.


NickDanger3di OP t1_ixzqesu wrote

It seems there's a thing about naming hydrogen a different 'color' depending on how it's generated. But yeah, going from abandoned oil wells to Gold is too much of a stretch. Maybe they just wanted to get ahead of the otherwise inevitable Black Hydrogen name?

Me, the idea of the average joe handling portable tanks of hydrogen to fill their lawnmower or generator, and driving around with much larger tanks of it in their cars, is kinda terrifying.

Back in the 60s, when I was a boy reading Popular Science, I asked my Dad if he was as excited about the coming Flying Cars as I was. he said "Nick, I have enough trouble dealing with all the assholes on the road trying to kill me. The last thing I want is those same assholes flying over my house". Right after I turned 16, I finally understood that.


KetoMan30 t1_ixztvjz wrote

Bacteria generates H2S as a waste product. The hydrogen sulfide is extremely dangerous and corrodes metal. The well, wellhead, facility equipment, pipelines, and processing equipment upstream of the gas plant will be compromised over time. This is an extremely stupid idea for generating hydrogen.

Hydrogen Sulfide - CDC Website


DrClo t1_iy1ibjr wrote

All bacteria in every condition? Plus through CRISPR, many processes could be modulated. This unique strain of bacteria could be an environmental superstar instead of your infrastructure solvent.


Altruistic_Fondant94 t1_iy3cbcd wrote

Yeah see I hate this shit too. It's so certain. It's on the CDC. I totally can outline all the REAL things we need to do in a few simple steps:


lucky-fu t1_iy0094f wrote

Maybe a reference to "black gold", ie crude oil. I'd be interested to know.


Derpinator_420 t1_iy0xaqr wrote

Look up hydrogen paste.


NickDanger3di OP t1_iy1l56d wrote

Powerpaste! Interesting read; seems it may have real potential. Energy storage is always the bugaboo.


Derpinator_420 t1_iy1m2x3 wrote

Swappable cartridges, seems pretty good. We already see there isnt enough resources or recyclability of lithium batteries for everyone to drive an EV. I think the future will many fuel types coexisting until the next big breakthrough.


HistoricalMeaning509 t1_iy2jpx5 wrote

No more dangerous then propane, only this requires an open spark or flame. If they can make this work it make hydrogen viable since the biggest hang up which is the energy required to crack it out of water. Cheap hydrogen would make cars like the new Volkswagen hydrogen the go to car. Ceramic fuel cell systems no rare earths high mileage, also would allow for replacing of natural gas systems.


Altruistic_Fondant94 t1_iy3d69u wrote

Yep see smart people are barking up crackpots, until they're not.

The total death of capitalism is to wish to see your enemies punished. But a real capitalism fighting for life alongside a stronger contingent of consciously connected people (workers, for short ✌️) means simulated heads roll instead of... Get this... Literal heads.

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Teachers and hospital staff in America underwater.

You talk about the millions or billions killed by these idiots that mostly are dead or have gotten away with it, and pretend those are no deaths capitalism would not intervene to save. So basic your baby man thots, I forgive you.

We were always there. We needed the internet.

The Meta verse a

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Altruistic_Fondant94 t1_iy3d7rq wrote

I did a lot of meth tonight, Joan.

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Altruistic_Fondant94 t1_iy3dbug wrote

I got carried away. I'm excited about the flower pot cars if they're real you'll explain to me meow:


MonsieurKilogram t1_ixztwbw wrote

Using hydrogen for making steel is not something that will be easily eclipsed by anything. Use in cars may be a fad that loses to solid batteries, but steel smelted with hydrogen is pog


yeahdixon t1_iy0kjk6 wrote

Isn’t hydrogen good for larger concentrated amounts of energy for long periods? I thought they were talking how it’s possible to create a rocket w hydrogen, so I assume something like large aircrafts