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Timebomb90 t1_iy0kaj2 wrote

What’s your point? You aren’t the only one who had geography in school. Scientists aren’t missing something that you can see clearly.


awwhehe t1_iy127t0 wrote

So they can clearly climate change from humans is a non factor ?


Boilerman30 t1_iy283a8 wrote

It isn't the fact that the earth has warmed and cooled through its 4 billion year history. It is the rate of warming that is the problem. We are seeing this increase in global average temperatures being measured in decades instead of thousands or tens of thousands of years barring a cataclysmic event like a super volcano eruption or a meteor impact of significant size. The global mechanisms that control the overall temperate environment of the planet cannot adapt and adjust fast enough to keep up with the warming of the planet. As the planet warms further, more and more of those mechanisms break down and you have a feedback loop that will worsen the situation as each protective element falls.

The Arctic Circle losing year around sea ice increases the amount of heat being absorbed by the oceans, increasing the ocean temperatures has a cascade effect on the plants and animals in the ocean including phytoplankton which produce most of the oxygen present in the atmosphere as well as destabilizing the thermohaline current which means warm water from the equator no longer moves up towards the poles. This is probably one of the first mechanisms that will fail and will lead to brutally cold winters in the northern and southern latitudes and will also probably create storm systems that human beings have never seen before. Humans are absolutely causing the planet to warm, atmospheric CO2 concentrations are the highest they have been in several hundred thousand years if I recall correctly and we've managed to raise it to that point within 150 to 160 years since the industrial revolution.


Timebomb90 t1_iy30ige wrote

Not sure how you would have come to that conclusion as the data is very clear.


awwhehe t1_iyaka2v wrote

Triassic and Jurassic periods had way higher Co2 than our current levels by 5x.


Timebomb90 t1_iyc60z8 wrote

Yes and your point?

If you see the rate of change, it’s very clear that humans caused the current increase in temperature. I don’t understand why you can’t accept this fact?

Check this time line: xkcd comic timeline