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JeremiahBoogle t1_iy27x0a wrote

Is this a legitimate concern or not?

I remember watching a documentary about this, probably 20 years ago, and haven't really paid attention since.


count023 t1_iy2nhdm wrote

Has there been any research done into (beyond the obvious regarding climate change), technologically restarting/boosting these currants in the event of a slowdown?

Not a hydrologist or anything, and the ocean is unfathomably gigantic, but surely research into restoring or maintaining these circulations has been done somewhere.


JeremiahBoogle t1_iy2oz43 wrote

Since these currents are generally caused by temperature differentials across vast scales, I doubt we would be able to control them in the way you describe.

Certainly not within our lifetimes.


itslikewipingamarker t1_iy2pc75 wrote

I think its something far beyond our control, the forces, even just the magnitude of the water mass at play Is simply outside human possibility


PunisherASM129 t1_iy3qsw0 wrote

Yes, it was called "the Day after Tomorrow" and was very concerning