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filosoful OP t1_ixzrput wrote

The warming during the summer months in Europe has been much faster than the global average, shows a new study published in the Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres.

As a consequence of human emissions of greenhouse gases, the climate across the continent has also become drier, particularly in southern Europe, leading to worse heat waves and an increased risk of fires.


MonsieurKilogram t1_iy05z25 wrote

Is it possible this increase will be blunted in europe over next 2-3 decades if thermohaline circulation slows due to ocean temp rising?


DrSOGU t1_iy2tmb9 wrote

Northern Europe, 2042:

"Mummy, why cant we afford food although you and Daddy work every night and day ? And why are there so many people everywhere? And why are they fighting with guns?"

"Because 20 years ago, people felt too uncomfortable to pay a miniscule fraction of their tax money on the transition to renewable power generation."


MonsieurKilogram t1_iy3nnhg wrote

Sahara solar farm would be POG rn


DrSOGU t1_iy3qpne wrote

Renewable energy generation is in total cost per kWh in Germany and many places already cheaper then burning oil, gas and coal, even before the war. The most expensive is nuclear power, which requires a huge amount of government subsidies per kWh. In turn, heating and mobility can be (to a great extent) electrified.

We don't have a technological problem. There is no rocket science to be solved before we can proceed. We already have working solutions that are more efficient and cleaner.

We have a purely political problem. We don't scale up at the speed necessary to mitigate climate change. We would have to incentivize and subsidize investments just as we did for coal, oil, gas and nuclear. Cut regulations. Build more electrified high-speed railroads. Incentivize efficient heatpumps and energy efficient buildings.

The system build on individual profit maximization, car and oil corporations buying politics to keep the status quo and so on is too inert. At the same time, people despise the taxation necessary to at least incentivize and build up from the government side.

It's all short-sighted greed and special interest and individualism. But it's not a technological problem.


PO0tyTng t1_iy222f1 wrote

Who cares, we’re in an extinction event.


MonsieurKilogram t1_iy226f2 wrote

Thats dumb as hell. Your concept of futurology is the extinction of humanity? Neither disease nor climate change pose an extinction threat. Threat to life as we know it? Sure. Not to the continuity of humanity though. We have people living in antarctica.


DefEddie t1_iy2olgd wrote

To be fair though the folks living in Antartica do so with the support and resources of other countries.
You’re right though, life is life even if it doesn’t look like our kind of living.


MonsieurKilogram t1_iy9b45y wrote

Humanity will live barring an unavoidable cosmic event or nuke go boom boom everywhere


ActonofMAM t1_ixzy8hu wrote

Don't worry, that will reverse itself pretty quickly when the North Atlantic Current shuts down.


MonsieurKilogram t1_iy06380 wrote

Particularly for western europe. Its gonna be VERY cold during winter.


420BigDawg_ t1_iy12lyz wrote

Do you know much about the NAC shut down? I live in Nova Scotia (eastern Canada) and am curious to know what the effects it’ll have on me

Also when is this supposed to happen


IamChantus t1_iy1aq9s wrote

Might be quite bad, and fast. As soon as the day before three days hence.


JeremiahBoogle t1_iy27x0a wrote

Is this a legitimate concern or not?

I remember watching a documentary about this, probably 20 years ago, and haven't really paid attention since.


count023 t1_iy2nhdm wrote

Has there been any research done into (beyond the obvious regarding climate change), technologically restarting/boosting these currants in the event of a slowdown?

Not a hydrologist or anything, and the ocean is unfathomably gigantic, but surely research into restoring or maintaining these circulations has been done somewhere.


JeremiahBoogle t1_iy2oz43 wrote

Since these currents are generally caused by temperature differentials across vast scales, I doubt we would be able to control them in the way you describe.

Certainly not within our lifetimes.


itslikewipingamarker t1_iy2pc75 wrote

I think its something far beyond our control, the forces, even just the magnitude of the water mass at play Is simply outside human possibility


PunisherASM129 t1_iy3qsw0 wrote

Yes, it was called "the Day after Tomorrow" and was very concerning


zuilok t1_ixzvkuo wrote

I am just gonna leave this right ... there...


esprit-de-lescalier t1_iy052nw wrote

The global rate includes the water, which is 70% of the planet. Strangely the land is the bit that gets reported on most and is the bit that warms fastest.

Once the oceans get to 2 degrees warmer it’s game over because the land will be 5 degrees warmer


chaosperfect t1_iy01pru wrote

It would seem, then, that EVERYWHERE is heating up twice as fast as normal.


Javlington t1_iy2tgev wrote

There's like only 15 headlines there, that hardly covers "everything". Besides why couldn't all those places heat up faster than average?


[deleted] t1_iy0v4zi wrote

That’s because earth is mostly ocean and water heats slower than land


SeeIKindOFCare t1_ixztl8g wrote

The new hell that well hit earth decade after decade will keep the rich hated far into the future


Yak54RC t1_iy01epx wrote

You must be new around here. They will just make all the poor people hate and blame the slightly less poor. They will then convince those same people to vote for them so they can fix what the slightly less poor people made them do


SeeIKindOFCare t1_iy0a3e3 wrote

Your not good with history, if you were, you’d know the world you know today has never existed on earth ever, covering up the truth in the age of information yes fools will always like a smile and kind worlds but everyone else won’t have it


richardawkings t1_iy1wk3z wrote

No need to cover up the truth, just throw a bunch of shit around it to make it difficult to tell truth from fiction. Consider that Tucker Carlson is one of (if not the) most popular propaganda outlets in the world and is still considered as (opinion) news and not mainstream.

I think you give people too much credit.


420BigDawg_ t1_iy12up7 wrote

Have you looked around? The second I mention that rich people suck I have every Republican and conservative from western countries down my throat. They’ve won


AlGeee t1_iy1b0ph wrote

As long as there’s fight left, no one has won.


JellyfishCosmonaut t1_iy5pnu4 wrote

They have won though. As long as money and capitalism rule, tackling climate change will never be even remotely successful.


hydralisk_hydrawife t1_iy2et5e wrote

Bruh. You're on the internet. You probably don't have to worry about food. You ARE the rich.


JellyfishCosmonaut t1_iy5pqn6 wrote

We all will have to worry about food. Most food comes from outside the country.


hydralisk_hydrawife t1_iy6ttwz wrote

I'm not saying nobody needs to worry about food, I'm saying if you live in a first world country, you already are the rich. There's just a broader perspective to consider.

Imagine some destitute village somewhere getting flooded or enduring some famine. They know it's places like the US, Europe, and Asia to blame for all this. We ARE the rich. Yeah there are richer people among us, but I eat meat, drive a car, and shower every day. That's the lifestyle we're living that's gotten us here. We're the perpetrators as much as the victims, right?


BroomShakzuka t1_iy2pwf1 wrote

I don't blame the rich. I blame those unwilling to change. I see that demographic just as well represented across the rich and the poor. Everybody likes to point fingers, but we're all in this together.


DrTwitch t1_iy13fw6 wrote

By rich you mean by global standards right? Like... The West?


SeeIKindOFCare t1_iy1602f wrote

No millionaires and billionaires, as everyone suffers more and more and the Uber rich are untouched, well misery loves company


DrTwitch t1_iy17499 wrote

Sure, and the west as a whole. Billionaires and consumerism go together. We love to abdicate our responsibility by pointing at a few other people


DrTwitch t1_iy16lhp wrote

Sure, and the west as a whole. Billionaires and consumerism go together. We love to abdicate our responsibility by pointing at a few other people


ultraviolentfuture t1_iy2fx2b wrote

Extreme wealth didn't exist prior to consumer capitalism, right? All through humanities sordid history of thousands of years of monarchies all the wealth was evenly distributed and power was shared.


DrTwitch t1_iy4u5lc wrote

Th ats not my point. My point is that even back in the day we didn't consume that much of the world's resources. Now the average person consumes significantly more. We can't dodge our own responsibility.


nelmaven t1_iy2qgr5 wrote

Can confirm, in south of Portugal, near the coast, it's still warm enough to wear short sleeves during most of the day. And the rain is still lacking compared to the rest of the country.


o2bprincecaspian t1_iy18qea wrote

Just wait until the north Atlantic current shuts down...


FuturologyBot t1_ixzw6cn wrote

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The warming during the summer months in Europe has been much faster than the global average, shows a new study published in the Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres.

As a consequence of human emissions of greenhouse gases, the climate across the continent has also become drier, particularly in southern Europe, leading to worse heat waves and an increased risk of fires.

Please reply to OP's comment here:


BangEnergyFTW t1_iy29faw wrote

Don't worry. Nobody in the West even knows anything. Their heads are so far buried in the sand of cheese burgers and light screens.


deck_hand t1_iy3cgvz wrote

The oceans are warming half as fast as land masses. So, all land masses are warming twice as fast as the global average. Doesn't mean anything.


NotoriousBRT t1_iy3hq3o wrote

Ah, another global warming discussion: Let's throw numbers at the wall and see what sticks...


gene_doc t1_iy015ea wrote

So are there equivalently sized areas that are warming at half the rate of the planet? Let's look at those.


CriticalUnit t1_iy2uyjd wrote

Just look at the 70% of the earth that's covered in water.


gene_doc t1_iy3m480 wrote

Good ol' reddit, down voted for looking at all the data. Does the average redditor not understand averages?


KillerNinja86678 t1_iy0asuz wrote

Were all fucked and doomed. Lets just destroy earth and start over in a million years


slower-is-faster t1_iy13k91 wrote

I mean, that’s what average is right. Some places will warm faster, some slower


CriticalUnit t1_iy2v0cu wrote

Turns out that warming is much more impactful where humans live, as opposed to middle of nowhere in the ocean


Particular-Demand-62 t1_iy2nw14 wrote

The same headline has been posted about every continent. Such nonsense.


PhantomCyde t1_iy029kq wrote

Tell me how records that are being broken or are still intact are from 70+ years ago


awwhehe t1_iy037fc wrote

Does anyone look at ice core sampling and see how the earth has gone through cooling and heating? We are no where near the hottest “season” that is always follow by cooling.


Timebomb90 t1_iy0kaj2 wrote

What’s your point? You aren’t the only one who had geography in school. Scientists aren’t missing something that you can see clearly.


awwhehe t1_iy127t0 wrote

So they can clearly climate change from humans is a non factor ?


Boilerman30 t1_iy283a8 wrote

It isn't the fact that the earth has warmed and cooled through its 4 billion year history. It is the rate of warming that is the problem. We are seeing this increase in global average temperatures being measured in decades instead of thousands or tens of thousands of years barring a cataclysmic event like a super volcano eruption or a meteor impact of significant size. The global mechanisms that control the overall temperate environment of the planet cannot adapt and adjust fast enough to keep up with the warming of the planet. As the planet warms further, more and more of those mechanisms break down and you have a feedback loop that will worsen the situation as each protective element falls.

The Arctic Circle losing year around sea ice increases the amount of heat being absorbed by the oceans, increasing the ocean temperatures has a cascade effect on the plants and animals in the ocean including phytoplankton which produce most of the oxygen present in the atmosphere as well as destabilizing the thermohaline current which means warm water from the equator no longer moves up towards the poles. This is probably one of the first mechanisms that will fail and will lead to brutally cold winters in the northern and southern latitudes and will also probably create storm systems that human beings have never seen before. Humans are absolutely causing the planet to warm, atmospheric CO2 concentrations are the highest they have been in several hundred thousand years if I recall correctly and we've managed to raise it to that point within 150 to 160 years since the industrial revolution.


Timebomb90 t1_iy30ige wrote

Not sure how you would have come to that conclusion as the data is very clear.


awwhehe t1_iyaka2v wrote

Triassic and Jurassic periods had way higher Co2 than our current levels by 5x.


Timebomb90 t1_iyc60z8 wrote

Yes and your point?

If you see the rate of change, it’s very clear that humans caused the current increase in temperature. I don’t understand why you can’t accept this fact?

Check this time line: xkcd comic timeline


ISpeakAlien t1_iy04t09 wrote

Europe is leader in pollution along with others like China and India. They should pay reparations to the world.


JellyfishCosmonaut t1_iy5pyx8 wrote

Reparations won't fix anything. Money won't buy rain. But they will need to prepare to open their borders for climate refugees.