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Magic-Fabric OP t1_iy38vc8 wrote

Generative AI is evolving at an exhilarating pace. The latest algorithm by Nvidia converts text into 3D mesh twice as fast as projects published barely 2 months ago. This means that the technical capabilities are now already surpassing our ability to work with them.


k3surfacer t1_iy3dufr wrote

That means AI will be effectively used by AI not human. AI by AI for AI. We humans might become naked kings or ridiculously dressed pets.

Until climate said stop.


joestaff t1_iy45ok5 wrote

Naked King was my nickname in college.


astral_crow t1_iy3l7d1 wrote

I dream of a future when game development stops taking 10+ years for a big AAA series release like The Elder Scrolls. This is a step towards it.


themikker t1_iy3q5ie wrote

Consider how these 3d models are created, though. These auto generated items suffer from copyright related issues, which matters for commercial use.

Cleaning up the AI generated itens are probably going to take just as long as making it from scratch, too. This feels very gimmicky, but might work okay for some things. It's a tool, like everything else.


Ampersanders t1_iy3r9lg wrote

These things are a rig nightmare. Help generate ideas maybe but good fucking luck trying to code these like actual game assets.


ChurchOfTheHolyGays t1_iy6cr9r wrote

These didn't exist until literally months ago. When Dall-e 1 was released two years ago it was fun and amazing but completely unusable for anything professional. Then Dall-e 2 came out. Then Stable Diffusion came out. Then people said SD was unusable because you couldn't generate the same character/object multiple times in different contexts, one month later DreamBooth came out and now you can use SD to generate HD pictures of yourself in StarWars world or smth.


OGCarlisle t1_iy3sd5a wrote

they are surface meshes not parametric models


trynaeat t1_iy3znaz wrote

Yeah I can basically guarantee you need to retopo these by hand to be usable in a game. Nifty tool for generating references though at the very least.


armorhide406 t1_iy3sfdk wrote

That's the benefit of AI. It goes from shit to not very good to alright to super good very fast. I don't expect it'll take that long for AI to be better than every artist out there


Foohlie t1_iy4bdzg wrote

There will probably be an ai for that


Blackmail30000 t1_iy4s7iu wrote

Now. You are not thinking forward enough. That could change in a matter of months.


CaptainC0medy t1_iy3pa89 wrote

Fuck mate, chris roberts wants to have a word


zedemer t1_iy6twcv wrote

About what, how to charge people for more money? At this point in development time, Duke Nukem Forever was almost released. When Star Citizen was announced, Ps3 was at its peak, ps4 came and went, and there's a good chance the ps6 (or whatever hardware refresh will come about) will happen before this game is out.

If it wasn't a scam at first, it's definitely one now. At best, Roberts will release a game which won't satisfy most other than his hardcore supporters.


CaptainC0medy t1_iy6vub7 wrote

Oh yeah, they'll say the code is so optimised because 10 years and 4 versions of flight control 🤣


yoyoman2 t1_iy3yyqa wrote

It takes a bazillion years because customers expect better graphics and bigger worlds every year even while gameplay is only arguably getting better - anyone with time and dedication can make a 2D game today.


_FuturistechInfo t1_iy4mvvm wrote

Does anyone know if these are rigged? That will be next level


fox-mcleod t1_iy8jnba wrote

They’re not but rigging isn’t a hard problem to solve.


Kockerbocker t1_iy4bx43 wrote

It’s ridiculous how much development in the AI space there has been this year. I feel like every week, there’s a new function and utility being discovered and how disruptive it’ll be. Although it’ll take years to commercialized, it’s still an extreme pace I can barely keep up with


dbabon t1_iy4m5qg wrote

All of it seems aimed at putting artists out of work, though. When do we start aiming new AI and putting, say, maybe lobbyists or oil tycoons out of business?


Kockerbocker t1_iy4pjdz wrote

I don’t think it’s entirely gonna be putting all artists, out of work, maybe just graphic designers specifically. It’d be more used as a tool, but up to the artists to make sure the overall theme of a piece is still portrayed as intended. Also, AI and technology could usher other forms of artwork such as VR 3D art, or ones that have yet to be discovered. But right now, AI seems like it’d replace really generic illustration which would be helpful for other artists such as writers but can’t afford graphic illustrators, however, how would it ever replace an artist’s original work, idea, character, setting? Automating one small aspect would only benefit the entire industry at the small sacrifice of some freelancers.

And what does your last sentence even mean or make sense? AI “replacing” a simple, mundane, small, and not even financially sustainable aspect of an industry does not equate to replacing complex resource driven industries.


FuturologyBot t1_iy3bss8 wrote

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Generative AI is evolving at an exhilarating pace. The latest algorithm by Nvidia converts text into 3D mesh twice as fast as projects published barely 2 months ago. This means that the technical capabilities are now already surpassing our ability to work with them.

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sneakypiiiig t1_iy3p1pp wrote

The future is now. The past is gone, and your job with it. This has exciting but scary implications for designers/artists.


CaptainC0medy t1_iy3pg64 wrote

Maybe concept design but tryi g to make consistent scenes is going to be a bottleneck for a long time


HerrSchnabeltier t1_iy41h1m wrote

Who writes the prompts? Who sifts through the unusable results, to pick out the good ones? Who adjusts and deals with those good ones?

I'm baffled, articles like this usually have responses that are either

a) 'Future is now, there it is, AI takes over everything and instantaneously, we'll all lose our jobs'

or b) 'But it can't do X yet and never will', with the goalpost being moved around constantly, based on what it currently can or can not do.


dbabon t1_iy4lco6 wrote

Who writes the prompts? Who sifts through unusable results, to pick out the good ones?

An intern, maybe. Definitely not someone who trained all their life to do art for a living.

I’ve noticed that just about everyone I see defending this tech against possible ramifications for artists are usually… not artists.


sneakypiiiig t1_iy448no wrote

Well big brain, where there used to be 20 jobs there would now be 5. Yes, there are still jobs but far fewer.

And I didn’t say either of those things you wrote.


HerrSchnabeltier t1_iy4900z wrote

I see - discussion with you seems pointless, but I'm happy you were at least able to do the math on disappearing jobs before the rest of us.


walter10h t1_iy4eytd wrote

Are you kidding? This will save me HOURS of work! Time to study AI and use it as a tool. There will be less jobs in the near future, but new ones will eventually emerge.


mynamewasalreadygone t1_iy7mb1i wrote

AI has come out of left field seemingly overnight and has hit the art community like train. Going to be interesting to see where it lands in a few short years