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Spiffydude98 OP t1_j26rcyv wrote

Interesting article. Personally I would hope this is a low risk of damage re-introduced plant and I'd love to plant some on my property.


boneman1982 t1_j26z16c wrote

Then do the pubic comment!


Spiffydude98 OP t1_j27fwtt wrote

I'm Canadian and so they probably won't take my opinion anyhow.

If anyone knows of ways to obtain some of these resistant tree saplings they'd grow where I am and would love to get some. They're native to my area of Canada too in fact.


miguelandre t1_j274ak3 wrote

“A USDA/APHIS public comment period is open only until December 27, 2022” wha?


papadjeef t1_j2768my wrote

A little late now. I put in my comments a month ago.