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redrightreturning t1_iyl6e6k wrote

You’re so welcome. I encourage everyone to go participate in clinical trials. It’s so cool to be a part of the process. And usually the researchers are so passionate and appreciative. Participating as a subject humanizes science and makes it more tangible for people who otherwise aren’t in touch with it.


Bobert_Manderson t1_iyl7kgn wrote

Maybe when you’re old and know you ain’t got long you can just try a little bit of HIV to see if you were immune the whole time.


HomoRoboticus t1_iyll98e wrote

I mean if I knew I had <3 years or something - fuck it, let's make a win out of it.


omnichronos t1_iyme0mv wrote

You can also earn a living doing it. I did one last month that paid $15,050. I just received my final payment yesterday. It allows me to be a better Santa Clause to my poor family.


redrightreturning t1_iymeare wrote

Hell yeah. I have been in other paid studies too. Most recently one for Botox lol. Got free Botox and got paid for them to study my face. Lol. Make that money and enjoy the holidays.


mcspazz731 t1_iymx6qx wrote

Where do you find them, I have some interest but never really looked into it much.


crown_valley t1_iymztdi wrote

Where do you find "opportunities" like this?? Is there like a website I'm not aware of or something?


omnichronos t1_iynn15s wrote

If you have an expensive medical condition, you might consider the free health care of a study that includes travel pay. See for those.

Or, if you're healthy, you can be a healthy human subject for medical research studies, like me. I spent the month of October at a medical clinic so they can test a minute amount of a new drug on me intended to help hypoparathyroidism. In exchange, I collected $15,050. If you're interested, it's worth traveling to other states to do them. Many are paying over $10k currently. You can see them on the website or JALR.Org, which stands for Just Another Lab Rat.

Canada has some also:
Toronto: [] (,,,


Fluenzia t1_iyn7zti wrote

Man where do you find trials that pay that well. I have looked on the websites that people recommend and there's either none near me or they want such a specific demographic I don't fall into it.


omnichronos t1_iynmp65 wrote

> there's either none near me

It's unlikely that they will be near you. I traveled from Detroit to Madison WI for my last one and my next one is in Nebraska. It's worth driving all day a couple of times for several thousand dollars.


Fluenzia t1_iynnuqw wrote

Yeah I'm currently in university and in Canada so I don't know the difference that will make but driving far kinda sucks with school.


omnichronos t1_iynw3i4 wrote

My Canadian friend is trying to do the US ones because they pay better here.


Fluenzia t1_iyo5hzv wrote

Yeah if you're in Detroit I'm across the river so I suppose it's the same distance


begaterpillar t1_iyle3bk wrote

you can even make money doing them


No_Mammoth_4945 t1_iym97k1 wrote

Yep. I took part in the Pfizer Covid trial that just ended a couple months ago. I got paid 5$ a week to answer a yes or no question on my phone and around 200$ for each in person visit. It was double blinded but once it got approved they told you if you got the vaccine or the placebo and I ended up getting the vaccine months before anyone I knew. Win win


begaterpillar t1_iymdlcr wrote

I did like 10 15 paid studies when I was a student . I got paid anywhere between 250$ to 3500$. average around 700. most of them I stayed in the clinic from Friday night to Sunday evening. took a dose of a different drug and they took blood samples. it was great I just brought my homework. the 3500 one I was in the clinic for 2 weeks though. that one was a little rough but still better than working a random construction job for months to save up that much money. they had decent wifi and the food was okay