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DoraTehExploder t1_iyl9lhv wrote

Mmm but see the difference is HIV/AIDS is terminal. If they can own you by threatening to withhold your life saving medication then they've got you for life. Something like a highly communicable respiratory disease is another whole story.


TheChance t1_iylbn6n wrote

At the intersection of magical thinking and dumbfuckery, live on Reddit for one night only, it’s Pharma Loves Illness!

Perfectly functional adults look at abusive, powerful entities and respond, not by reacting to the abuses, but by looking for even more cartoonish abuses.


HighpriestIalu t1_iyle7gs wrote

After seeing what these companies do with Insulin, it's not a stretch to see why people might feel this way. People regularly die in the US because they can't afford it. Pharma companies couldn't give a shit.


DoraTehExploder t1_iylexqu wrote

Oh but I thought this expert knew all about the abuses of the pharmaceutical industry, surely they know about the withholding of life saving medications instead of going on as if it's some kind of hypothetical and not something that actively happens on regular basis...


TheChance t1_iymw1sg wrote

That’s correct, and it’s a societal-level horror show. /u/DoraTehExploder believes the opposite: that big pharma is withholding medicine until you sign over your soul.

I can’t even figure out their logic. Obviously selling somebody a product over and over is more profitable if they carry the same markup than selling a limited number of something…

…so the obvious thing to do is to let our customers die, whereupon they’ll never be able to buy anything again.

What a maroon.


DoraTehExploder t1_iynsz9g wrote

You could use some practice with reading comprehension and logical extrapolation. Not once did I ever imply or suggest that the most profitable option was to let the customer die. I suggested that they (being the pharmaceutical industry) could abuse the inelastic demand for a life sustaining medication in order to lock their "customers" (who have the sum total of two choices: A. do whatever is necessary to continue receiving doses of medication or B. die.) into an abusive relationship (read: hostage situation).


DoraTehExploder t1_iylf2uz wrote

Yes the pharmaceutical industry would SURELY love to cure themselves out of existence! Sustainable business doesn't even come across the abusive executives minds when they charge the public billions of dollars to lead R&D on products that they get to patent in perpetuity and then sell back at ridiculous prices.