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Safe_Indication_6829 t1_iylthu3 wrote

>Oh, and don't forget the antivaxx folks - it will probably never be eradicated...

if they keep it up they're the ones who will do it to themselves


dedicated-pedestrian t1_iyn4a9f wrote

They'll just take antiretrovirals if they do get it. They did the same with monoclonal antibodies for COVID. Once they're actually in danger they accept all the miracles modern medicine has to offer.


NorthNorthAmerican t1_iynvyb3 wrote

Fascinating how they stop their "whatattabouts", and "doing my own research" and questioning science/medicine when their asses are on the line.

"Didya do any research into the drugs we're giving you to survive now?"

"No? Okay. This is spelled: d-e-x-a-m-e-t-h-a-s-o-n-e..."